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  • What's it gonna be?

  • I'll have an IPA.

  • Here you go.

  • And keep it open.

  • Did you know that 90% of all guys who use pick-up lines at this bar get turned down? I mean, with those odds, why even bother coming here?

  • Ugh, it certainly isn't for this beer.

  • Talking about pick-up lines as a pick-up linewhat are the chances of that working?

  • I dunno. You tell me.

  • I think someone just beat the odds.

  • This is not what I was expecting for our first date, and I love that.

  • - What better place to have a date than the great outdoors with not a care in the world. - That's right.

  • - Although, it is tick season, and not only are 50% of deer ticks infected with the Lyme disease bacterium, but 45% of visitors at this park are bitten by them. - Oh.

  • We should check exposed areas, right? - Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Let me check your ankles.

  • - I think we're good. - Yeah, you're tick free.

  • You too!

  • We beat the odds.

  • - That's right, we did. - Yeah.

  • Look what I picked you up.

  • Really? You know there's a 7.8% chance of winning with a scratch-off ticket?

  • Come on, have a little bit of fun.

  • Oh, my god. Okay...

  • Wait a second. We won! We beat the odds.

  • We beat the odds? We... We beat the odds!

  • Oh, my god!

  • - Baby. - Mhm.

  • I think I'm ready to have sex.

  • - Wait, you mean "ready" ready? - Like, "ready" ready.

  • Well, you should know that even if we use condoms, there's an 18% failure rate and you might get pregnant.

  • Babe, you being factually accurate and responsible is really turning me on.

  • Philip, I have some news for you.

  • We're, um... Not pregnant.

  • - Oh, we beat the odds! - We beat the odds! - Yeah!

  • - Whoooo! - Suck it, 18%!

  • Candice, do you love me?

  • Of course I do, you goof.

  • We should get married.

  • What? Philip, don't you know weddings costs, on average like, $30,000 and 80% of those weddings are financed by that couple getting married. I mean, financially speaking, it's like a huge, huge risk.

  • Well, then let's just go to city hall.

  • Um, that'll be $40.

  • - 40 bucks?! - We beat the odds!

  • Yeah!

  • Whoo hoo! Yeah!

  • We're married, we're married, we're married!

  • Wait, wait, you do know that 40-50% of marriages end in divorce.

  • Well, we've always beaten the odds before.

  • We have, haven't we?

  • Sign here and there. You are now officially divorced.

  • Well, we couldn't beat the odds forever.

  • Oh, you know what? I think the problem was when you [bleep] Barbara.

What's it gonna be?

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BEATING THE ODDS (Last Moments of Relationships #23)

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    Pedroli Li posted on 2021/09/18
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