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  • [It's time for Inappropriate Parents!]

  • We are gonna be at the Johnson's very late tonight.

  • Okay. Have fun.

  • Oh, we will, but you won't. Not after the party you threw last time.

  • We hired a baby-sitter.

  • A what?!

  • - We're too old for a baby-sitter. - (doorbell rings)

  • - Ooh, there she is. - Go get her.

  • Hi, come on in.

  • Hello, everyone. I'm sorry I'm late. Daddy couldn't drive me over, so I had to ride my bicycle.

  • Ah, heck! We're just glad you could make it. Hannah's in high demand. She is the best baby-sitter in the neighborhood.

  • And you must be Kelsey and Brendan. We're gonna have so much fun together.

  • Mom, you hired a child!

  • - Shh! - Hannah, I'm sorry. Kelsey's just a little cranky today.

  • Oh, does baby need her bottle?

  • Yeah. Does baby need her buhbuh?

  • Okay. Anyway, Hannah, I'm gonna need you to help Brendan shave his back.

  • Okay, mom, please.

  • Normally, I would do it, but I am taking a well-deserved night off from old "werewolf shoulders" over here.

  • Oh, and no snacks after midnight because they have horrible nightmares about their changing bodies.

  • - Okay, well, we gotta go now. Love you. Don't call us. - Bye bye.

  • Wait, you can't leave us like this!

  • Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Don't cry. Mommy and daddies need to spend time alone every now and then, but they still love you very, very much.

  • We know.

  • (TV) Wish I didn't have to say this, but... Gryffindor!!!

  • Okay, Brendan, bath time.

  • I don't take baths. I take showers.

  • Looks like we've got a Stubborn Steven. The boys are always Stubborn Stevens.

  • I'm not a Stubborn Steven.

  • I mean, you kinda are a Stubborn Steven.

  • I'm not a Stubborn Steven.

  • Then prove it.

  • (in babyish voice) 78... 79...

  • I just have to go to the bathroom.

  • Well, all right. When you come back, I'll dress you up as your favorite dolly.

  • What're you doing?!

  • Dry off and get dressed! We're getting out of here.

  • Okay.

  • And just where are you going?

  • - Wha-- going out. - And you can't stop us.

  • - I can't stop you... but Buckshot can! - Holy [bleep]!

  • I didn't become the best baby-sitter in the neighborhood by letting kids escape. Looks like it's bedtime, kiddies... one way or another.

  • Okay... all right. Yeah. We're going.

  • Goodnight moon, goodnight house, goodnight Remington 12 Gauge.

  • Hello!

  • Mom, dad! Thank God! This little monster has a gun!

  • Oh, right. We're gonna need that back.

  • Oh, wait, that's yours?

  • Yeah, dummy. Hannah's not old enough to own a shotgun.

  • I brushed out the barrel and I oiled her up, by the way.

  • You are so thoughtful. Hey, how should I pay you?

  • Direct deposit is fine.

  • Great! Thanks again.

  • Any time. Goodnight!

  • - Bye then. - Bye bye!

  • Okay, kids, time to go to bed.

  • Your dad and I are gonna do it.

  • That's the worst thing I've heard all day.

  • - Let's try weird positions! - Yeah!

  • I spoke too soon.

[It's time for Inappropriate Parents!]

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Inappropriate Parents - Episode 7 - The Babysitter

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    Pedroli Li posted on 2021/09/16
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