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  • Today on "Learn 2 Love," I wanna help you appreciate one of my all-time favorite glorious green vegetables, broccoli.

  • Love it or hate it, the nutritional value of broccoli cannot be denied.

  • It's full of vitamin C and calcium, and it'll keep you regular, if you know what I mean.

  • Today I wanna show you how to learn to love broccoli by making it three delicious ways.

  • I'm going to show you my oven-roasted broccoli, an incredible broccoli slaw and finally, a broccoli stir fry that you are absolutely going to adore.

  • So let's get started by preparing our broccoli.

  • So I've got a beautiful head of broccoli here, and we're gonna start by removing the florets and putting them aside.

  • A lot of people throw broccoli stalks away, and that is a huge mistake because there are a ton of nutrients in the stalk.

  • I peel them, cut off the woody end and then grate them to use in all sorts of recipes, like the broccoli slaw I'm going to show you in a minute.

  • But first, let's get started with some super simple, but super flavorful, oven-roasted broccoli.

  • So I've got my broccoli florets standing by, and in a small bowl I'm going to combine some olive oil with some minced garlic.

  • I'm going to dress my florets with the olive oil mixture and stir it until it's well coated.

  • Then I'm going to pour it onto a baking sheet and put it into the oven at 425 degrees for between 10 and 15 minutes.

  • When they're ready, they're nice and tender, but they've got some crispy bits on the outside, which make them extra delicious.

  • We're gonna finish these off with some lemon zest, some lemon juice and some freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

  • Broccoli will never be the same again.

  • Now let's talk about my amazing broccoli slaw.

  • It's all the goodness of traditional coleslaw, but with the added benefits of broccoli.

  • So we're gonna get started with our dressing, and this is really, really simple.

  • Instead of mayo in this dressing, I'm using Greek yogurt.

  • You could use mayo, if you prefer.

  • So to my plain Greek yogurt, I am going to add some apple cider vinegar, some honey, and some salt and pepper.

  • It's really as simple as that.

  • I'm going to whisk this all together and then set it aside while I assemble my slaw.

  • So for my slaw, I'm going to be combining some shredded broccoli stalk.

  • I've drained a little bit of the water because I do find it's got some high water content.

  • I'm going to top it with some shredded red cabbage and some shredded carrot.

  • Now, you could also add some shredded apple to this.

  • It gives it a nice sweet bite that I love.

  • If you are adding the apple, though, I definitely recommend adding it just before you mix your salad because otherwise, it will brown and ruin the entire aesthetic of this gorgeous salad.

  • I'm going to add my dressing.

  • We're going to toss this all together, and there you go.

  • You've got an amazing broccoli slaw that is not only super delicious, but also extra nutritious.

  • What could be better than that?

  • Now let's get started on our broccoli stir fry.

  • You know, the great part about this recipe is that it's very versatile.

  • You could add some chicken or some beef, some grilled shrimp would be amazing with it, or even some tofu.

  • But today I'm keeping it just veg.

  • So I've got some chopped bell pepper and some chopped broccoli standing by.

  • And I'm going to start by heating some oil in a nonstick frying pan.

  • Once the oil is heated, I'm going to add my peppers and then my broccoli.

  • I basically wanna give them a little bit of a head start before I start layering in my flavors.

  • So I'm going to cook this mixture for two or three minutes, or until the broccoli starts to turn bright green.

  • Then I am going to add a whole lot of flavor.

  • What I'm gonna do is create a little well in the middle of my broccoli mixture, and to that I am going to add some garlic, some grated ginger and some chopped red chilies.

  • Now, if you don't like the heat, it's totally fine, you can leave the chilies out.

  • But I think this flavor combination is one of my all-time favorites.

  • I'm going to toss everything together well and then cook this for another 30 seconds or so, or until everything becomes really fragrant.

  • While that's cooking, I'm going to combine a little bit of vegetable broth, some soy sauce and a tablespoon or so of honey.

  • I'm going to whisk it together and then pour it over all of my veggies.

  • We're gonna let this cook for another two or three minutes, and it is ready to serve over a beautiful bed of rice.

  • I'm going to finish it with some crushed cashews and some green onion.

  • And baby, that's dinner.

  • I hope this video has inspired you to get a little more creative with your cruciferous vegetables.

  • And if you give any of these tasty recipes a try, be sure to tweet or Instagram me a photo because you know I love seeing what you're coming up with in your very own kitchens.

  • And if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to The Domestic Geek because there's lots more deliciousness where this came from.

Today on "Learn 2 Love," I wanna help you appreciate one of my all-time favorite glorious green vegetables, broccoli.

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