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Now that the turn is feeling a lot more dynamic, that nice smooth edge through to the end and
a good confident start letting your body fall down the slope, you are going to find the
speeds will start increasing. And think of it exactly the same as a bike, the faster
that bike is going around the corner the more lean and angle you're going
to need around the corner. 20mph, the same bike at 5mph is going to be more upright and
you will start to feel that with the legs. But don't let the shoulders fall onto the
inside - keep them slightly more upright.
You can see here that I'm not going particularly fast but my legs are leaning over more than
my upper body. As I increase the speed the legs lean over further but the upper body
remains more upright. If you compare the two, you can clearly see the difference.
Start to change the rhythm of your turns and really play with the terrain. Look ahead, anticipate
what is coming and adjust your turns to suit. Just have fun with it.
Now that you have got the skills to ski happily around the mountain on all pistes, just keep
practicing them. Remember if you find something is not working don't look for a complicated
reason, go back a step, get the basics right and I'm sure you will come back stronger.
Next time we are going to be looking at specific skills that are going to take you on another
step and we will start exploring much more of the mountain. We'll see you next time.
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Advanced Ski Lesson #5.3 - Dynamic Turns

269 Folder Collection
alex published on March 9, 2016
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