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  • >> I get purchase requests every day from facility managers,

  • project managers and leasing specialists.

  • I used to spend hours scouring lots of websites,

  • tracking down the federal green purchasing requirements

  • for different products and services [Background Music].

  • Now I just respond with a link, the Green Procurement Compilation, or GPC.

  • Let's look at an example.

  • Even in a small space like this break room there are dozens of products,

  • each with different sustainability requirements.

  • Before the GPC I had to go to a website for each federal program, like water sense,

  • to find out if there was a requirement.

  • Now I go to the GPC to get all the information I need.

  • It allows me to search or browse to find what I'm looking for.

  • Oh look, refrigerators need to be energy star compliant.

  • And it shows purchasing options and additional information for federal buyers.

  • Great. I'll let Dana know.

  • That's great for buying a single item but what if I need to do something bigger?

  • Thanks Christina.

  • >> You're welcome.

  • Have a good day.

  • >> This cafeteria operates sustainably

  • and meets all federal requirements and I helped make it happen.

  • The GPC also provides information on greening services and service contracts.

  • It helped me figure out which sustainable products to require as well

  • as other sustainable practices to consider, like encouraging customers to bring their own mugs.

  • The previous contracts and other sample language helped me write my own requirements.

  • Although I'm not an expert in cafeterias I was able to make a contract

  • that was both sustainable and delicious.

  • Federal acquisition is complicated but the GPC makes buying sustainable products

  • and services easy.

  • Whether you're buying a single product

  • or something more complex the GPC makes your job easier while helping the environment.

  • Give it a try.

  • I'm sure you'll like it.

>> I get purchase requests every day from facility managers,

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