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  • Hi, students. I’m Shaun.

  • You might be wondering why I’m looking around,

  • and wonder why I’m doing so.

  • Well, that’s because

  • It’s Easter!

  • Easter 是蝦咪啊?

  • 可以吃嗎?

  • Easter?

  • Is there a “Wester”?

  • It looks like you, kids, don’t know much about the Easter.

  • It’s a big day, people.

  • A big day!

  • Let me tell you four things you need to know about Easter.

  • The first thing is the Easter bunny!

  • It’s a soft, fuzzy and naughty bunny

  • with big eyes and long ears.

  • It likes carrots, eggs and tricks.

  • The Easter bunny likes eggs very much,

  • so it doesn’t want its eggs being found.

  • So it paints them different colors.

  • And that’s the Easter eggs.

  • I like coloring the eggs.

  • Hello!

  • I’m the Easter bunny, and these eggs are mine.

  • Now, you have the Easter eggs.

  • We can play the Easter egg hunt.

  • Every child around the world likes to play this game during Easter time.

  • Whoever finds the most eggs is the winner.

  • The Easter eggs are all mine.

  • The Easter egg hunt is fun, but don’t get hurt!

  • Finally~

  • Do you know how the Easter bunny gets these eggs?

  • It gets them from the hens.

  • Hi, I’m Easter bunny.

  • How are you?

  • Never mind, can I have your eggs?

  • Do you know what it is saying?

  • I guess that means yes.

  • Students, please treat the hens well.

  • They are cute but weak.

  • By the way~

  • Do you know there are candies or chocolates inside the Easter egg?

  • That’s why kids like them so much.

Hi, students. I’m Shaun.

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