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  • Geez Nick. Clean up after yourself.

  • Hi.

  • Who are you?

  • I'm Emma.

  • Amy!

  • Emma.

  • Emma.

  • Nick!

  • Brandon?

  • Who is this?

  • -We met last night at the Kebab Shop, and she's gonna chill here until she goes home to...... - Englands.

  • England! Well, that's really cool!

  • Uh, yeah. She can't stay here.

  • [The struggles of living with your bro]

  • Oh, hey Brandon. Getting pizza, do you want anything?

  • Nah, I'm all good.

  • Just one slice. Cheers mate.

  • Someone's been using my clippers.

  • Weird.

  • Yeah, it is weird.

  • Because there's black hair all through.

  • And I have brown hair.

  • And we're the only two people living here, Nick.

  • Wait a minute. Doesn't look like you shaved in days.

  • What the hell did you use my clippers on?

  • Uh......

  • Mate, what the fxxk? In the hallway? Really?

  • Yep...

  • Woah, that's my ex!

  • Yep...

  • Did you pay rent?

  • That's my jumper.

  • Pretty sure it's mine.

  • Well......that is my university.

  • No way. That's awesome.

  • And no, I didn't pay rent.

  • And stop using my clippers to shave your balls.

  • -Yes! -Come on! Come on!

  • You are cheating, mate.

  • Nope.

  • How many are you on?

  • Almost counting to a million.

  • Yeah? I'm on two million mother fxxker.

  • So how did your date go last night?

  • Pretty average. She's definitely not calling me back.

  • Oh, well. On the plus side.

  • I now knight you Sir Nick.

  • Now, come on. Let's go out and make bad life choices.

  • Alrighty.

Geez Nick. Clean up after yourself.

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