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Geez Nick. Clean up after yourself.
Who are you?
I'm Emma.
Who is this?
We met last night at the Kebab Shop.
And she's gonna chill here until she goes home to......
England! Well, that's really cool!
Uh, yeah. She can't stay here.
The struggles of living with your bro.
Oh, hey Brandon. Getting pizza, do you want anything?
Nah, I'm all good.
Just one slice. Cheers mate.
Someone's been using my clippers.
Yeah, it is weird.
Because there's black hair all through.
And I have brown hair.
And we're the only two people living here, Nick.
Wait a minute. Doesn't look like you shaved in days.
What the hell did you use my clippers on?
Mate, what the fxxk? In the hallway? Really?
Well, that's my ex!
Did you pay rent?
......That's my jumper.
Pretty sure it's mine.
Well......that is my university.
No way. That's awesome.
And no, I didn't pay rent.
And stop using my clippers to shave your balls.
You are cheating, mate.
How many are you on?
Almost counting to a million.
Yeah? I'm on two million mother fxxker.
So how did your date go last night?
Pretty average. She's definitely not calling me back.
Oh, well. On the plus side.
I now knight you Sir Nick.
Now, come on. Let's go out and make bad life choices.
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11 Problems You Face If You Live With Your Bro

24219 Folder Collection
Jack Lu published on March 8, 2016    Jack Lu translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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