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(upbeat mysterious music)
- Well, there goes my career as a magician.
Welcome, everyone, to a brand new Top Ten.
My name is Matthew Santoro and today is
all about people that vanished.
That's right.
Gone without a trace and surprisingly,
there are more than a few documented instances
of people who have disappeared with no explanation.
So, today we are going to dive into these bizarre cases
of human disappearances that still
have not been solved to this day.
So, let's get to it.
Here are ten mysterious disappearances
that were never explained.
Number One is Louis Le Prince.
Louis Le Prince is known today as
the Father of Cinematography
for shooting the first moving pictures on paper film
using a single lens camera.
Unfortunately, that achievement is not
what he's most famous for.
On September 16th of 1890,
Le Prince was on a train bound for the UK
where he was patenting his new camera when
he inexplicably vanished.
Not a single trace of him was found on the train,
though passengers claimed seeing him there.
His luggage and belongings vanished with him and
none of the train doors were open to suggest that he jumped.
Multiple theories have been presented to make sense of
Le Prince's disappearance, including an assassination plot
made by Thomas Edison.
Well, I mean, David Copperfield once made
a whole train vanish, so, you know,
back in the day maybe they just started a little smaller.
You know ...
with people.
Number Two is The Springfield Three.
On June 2, 1992, Sherrill Levitt, her daughter
and a family friend all vanished
from Levitt's Missouri home.
Two younger women, Suzy Streeter and Stacy McCall,
attended a graduation party and headed back around 2:15 am.
This was the last time any of the three were seen.
Police were alerted to the missing women
by a family friend but were baffled when they found
their clothes, purses and keys all in house,
and Levitt's car still in the driveway.
In fact, the only odd thing about the scene was
a smashed light bulb on the front porch.
What makes the story even more bizarre
is that a man named Robert Craig Cox came forward
claiming to know that all three women were, in fact,
murdered and that their bodies would never be found.
But, because of the lack of evidence,
they couldn't charge him.
You know, this is alarmingly similar to the plot
of the movie "Fracture,"
except this guy isn't nearly as creepy as Anthony Hopkins.
Nobody's as creepy as Anthony Hopkins.
Number Three is Jimmy Hoffa.
On July 30th, 1975, 62-year-old union activist and
convicted criminal, Jimmy Hoffa, disappeared from
a restaurant parking lot in Oakland County, Michigan.
He had gone to the restaurant to meet
with two Mafia leaders,
leading many to believe that he had been
murdered by The Mob.
This mystery got wide-spread media attention due to
Hoffa's former role as the President of the
International Brotherhood of Teamsters,
a well-known labor union.
Rumors about where Hoffa ended up are
still coming in to this day and include being
burned and buried in oil drums,
put through a wood chipper and even
buried under the New York Giants' end zone.
So, if a player ever trips over a rock during a game,
that's not a rock.
It's a skull.
Number Four is Rebecca Coriam.
On March 21st, 2011, Rebecca Coriam,
a 24-year-old youth worker aboard
the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship,
disappeared from the vessel while it traveled
through the Pacific Ocean.
Nobody knows exactly what happened,
but security footage shows Rebecca in
a very heated phone conversation,
which was the very last time she was ever seen.
Rebecca's parents and some of her co-workers claim
that Disney and the Royal Bahamas police know more than
they're saying, but no further evidence was ever found.
Ah, but the plot thickens.
Somehow, well after vanishing from the ship,
Rebecca's credit cards were used and,
according to her uncle,
the password to her Facebook profile was changed.
So, the question is,
is this the work of an imposter or hacker,
or is Rebecca's ghost just getting really good wi-fi
from Davey Jones' Locker?
She's the newest Disney Pirate of the Caribbean, matey.
Sorry, no disrespect.
She dead.
Number Five is Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lampur on
March 8, 2014 at 12:41 am local time,
and lost contact with air traffic control
less than an hour in, what is largely considered,
one of the biggest aviation mysteries in all of history.
According to reports, the plane drastically changed
its flight path and vanished from radar.
None of the 239 passengers and crew have ever been found.
At the time, the incident gained the record as both
the deadliest aviation incident to occur
in Malaysian Airlines history and
the deadliest involving a 777.
Unbelievably, these records were both broken only
131 days later with the crashing of Flight 17.
Hi, there.
Need a cheap flight but don't want the hassle
of actually making it safely to your destination?
Well, the Malaysian Airlines has a ride for you.
Number Six is Frederick Valentich.
On October 21st, 1978,
Australian pilot, Frederick Valentich,
was flying over Australia's Bass Strait
when he radioed in that an unidentified flying object
was following him.
According to the transcript, the UFO was tracking him,
stopped in mid-air and then vanished.
His final transmission was
"It's hovering and it's not an aircraft,"
followed by white noise.
No trace of Valentich or his plane was ever discovered.
Okay, see, this one makes me kind of uncomfortable.
Not just because this is one more piece of evidence
to support the existence of aliens
which totally freaks me out,
but, because, if they did in fact get him,
his butt likely became an alien pincushion.
Number Seven is Bela Kiss.
In July, 1916, Hungarian police raided the home of
Bela Kiss while he was serving in World War One.
To their horror, the team found the bodies of 24 women,
all with puncture wounds on their necks and
their blood completely drained,
which lead many to believe that Kiss was a vampire.
Ah, but it gets weirder,
because on October 4th, investigators tracked the killer
to a Serbian hospital only to find upon their arrival
that he had vanished and a dead soldier was in his bed,
where he had recently been.
Ah, but the story gets weirder,
because just four years later in 1920,
a man matching Kiss' description and
using one of the man's aliases appeared,
serving in the French Foreign Legion but again,
suddenly disappeared just before police arrived.
Finally, in 1932, the same man once again surfaced,
this time in New York City.
Now, many people reported him working as a janitor,
but when officers when there to question him,
the vampire vanished for the final time.
Nobody knows what happened to him or
how he managed to evade capture so many times,
which is especially odd to me.
I mean, it's got to be hard walking around undetected
when you sparkle in the sunlight.
You'd look like a freak show walking around.
Number Eight is The Royal Norfolk Regiment.
War is definitely scary but a battalion of
British World War One soldiers had to fear not only
their enemies but paranormal forces as well.
In 1915, three officers watched as a regiment of
250 men marched up a hill in Suvla Bay, Turkey and
into a dense fog that had settled on the ground.
But, after the last man entered, the mist lifted
to reveal that, shockingly, every last soldier had vanished.
Since no bodies were ever found, when the war ended
that British government demanded the return of their men,
only to have Turkey deny that they'd ever encountered
the British regiment at all.
(screeching eerily)
That's some creepy (bleep).
Number Nine is MV Joyita.
Easily one of the most unsettling
maritime mysteries of all time,
the MV Joyita, a merchant vessel,
left port in Samoa on October 3rd, 1955
with 25 people aboard and was found five weeks later
on November 10th, half submerged and completely abandoned.
The radio on board was set to
the International Distress Channel,
one of the engines was completely covered
in mattresses, of all things,
and all of the lifeboats were missing.
To make matters even more creepy,
investigators found that all of the clocks
had mysteriously frozen to read 10:25 and
a doctor's bag was discovered full of bloody bandages.
What happened aboard the MV Joyita and
her crew's whereabouts are unknown to this day,
although many have theorized that pirates,
lunacy or even aliens could be to blame.
My money's on the pirate alien lunatics.
I don't know what that was.
And Number Ten, the Colony of Roanoke.
On August 18th, 1590, John White landed on
Roanoke Island, returning from England with supplies
for a colony he'd helped establish just three years prior.
However, instead of the village of 117 settlers
that he'd left behind, White found the entire area
completely devoid of human life.
On top of that, every makeshift building had been
taken down by hand and the only signs left for him
were the word "Croatoan," carved on a wooden post
and the word "Crow" carved into a nearby tree.
To this very day, nobody can say
what happened to the colonists,
but the story has been portrayed in many books,
films, television shows and, most often,
in the horror genre.
Well, according to this document that I have in my hand
that is totally factual and in no way completely off
the top of my head,
"Croatoan" is a first-nation word that means
"Oh, Mama, there's a monster on the island, Mama, no."
That's the translation.
And, those my friends, were ten mysterious disappearances
that were never solved.
Now, you know know why you carry
a cell phone with you everywhere.
You never know who's going to try to take you.
As always, if you guys enjoyed this video,
please let me know by giving that "Like" button a click,
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anywhere else you want to share it and
I will see you all back here next Saturday,
you guessed it,
with a brand new video.
I'm such a good magician.
Shouldn't have had that extra coffee.
Hey, guys.
Thanks again for watching.
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I love you guys.
See you next week.
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10 Mysterious Disappearances That Were Never Explained!

5951 Folder Collection
噹噹 published on February 28, 2016
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