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This is the Kemper Profiling Amplifier a completely new concept in guitar amp modeling, it's now
finally available to buy, so let's test it. The first thing to say is the the Kemper comes
loaded with sounds and you can download more sound profiles from the Kemper website, that's
really no different from any other modelling amp. The big difference with the Kemper however
is that it enables you to profile that is the say model whatever amp you like. Here's
how to do it, set up your amp as usual and mic the sound so that you're happy with the
recorded sound. You don't have to mic the speaker you can also use a direct out. Now
unplug your guitar from the amp and connect the microphone cable to the return XLR on
the back of the Kemper, connect the direct out on the Kemper to the input of the amp,
plug your guitar into the input of the Kemper and to monitor what's happening in the Kemper
you can connect the main outputs to a mixing desk and monitors, it's not designed to be
used with any normal guitar amps so once you've modelled your amplifier you then use the Kemper
with a full range system such as striaght into a recording set up or a live PA. So now
we're plugged into the Kemper and the Kemper is connected to our reference amp in this
case a two rock jet 22 combo, what you do next is choose a rig from the browse mode
and choose something similar to your reference amp. You can also profile effects if they're
connected, but let's keep this simple. Now change to profile mode set the output level
of the profile amp to roughly the internal volume of the Kemper and balance up the levels
between the 2 sources, you can flick through them easily on the front panel. When you're
happy, press next, ok now comes the fun bit, first hit the profiling button and it all
goes a bit scooby doo. Once you've profiled the amp there are various options to help
you manually refine it but when you're happy you can store the resulting profile as a new
rig to be recalled whenever you need it. What's also interesting is when you recall the model
you can even modify the gain, EQ and all the basic sounds of the amplifier - adding effects,
taking them away, doing whatever you want and that's it. So we've covered how to use
the Kemper but the next section we're going to profile a number of different amplifiers
and compare the amps themselves with the profiles we've created in the Kemper, here we go.
In this comparison you've heard 4 different amplifiers, we got a sound we liked out of
each, we modelled them in the Kemper, we plugged straight into the Kemper and we compared them
directly. We have to say we were a little bit synical about the Kemper's ability before
we began this test however we've modelled Vox, EVH, Marshall and Pure Rock amplifiers
and we have to admit that the Kemper has handled them all with ease, it's extremely impressive.
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Kemper Profiling Amplifier hands-on review, demo, A/B test

518 Folder Collection
高梓秦 published on February 27, 2016
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