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  • Oh, hey, I just blew it up in there. You might want to wait.

  • Okay.

  • Cool.

  • [Weird Ways Guys Say "I Love You"]

  • Hey, can you drive me to the airport tomorrow morning at 5?

  • Yeah, whatever.

  • Cool.

  • Yo, there're some beer in the fridge if you want some.

  • Cool.

  • Hey, I'm gonna have a girl over later. Is it cool if we use the TV?

  • Sure.

  • Cool.

  • Hey, I mowed the lawn 'cause I knew you were too busy to.

  • Thanks.

  • No worries.

  • I took down all the Christmas stuff when you were gone.

  • Sweet.

  • Cool.

  • Hey, I like your glasses.

  • Thanks. I like your shirt.

  • Thanks.

  • Hey, did you eat my burrito?

  • Yeah.

  • Thanks for being honest with me.

  • I'll get you back.

  • Cool.

  • I haven't started the show yet. I was waiting for you.

  • Oh, cool. We can start now.

  • Cool.

  • How was your day?

  • Fine. Yours?

  • It was whatever.

  • Cool.

  • Did you get the same sunglasses that I already own?

  • Yeah. Is that cool?

  • It's fine.

  • Can I borrow your new jacket for my date tonight?

  • It's fine.

  • Cool.

  • Hey, I just won two tickets for the Superbowl on the radio.

  • Do you wanna go with me?

  • Hell yeah.

  • Cool.

  • Hey, are you busy right now?

  • No.

  • Cool.

  • I just kind of wanted to get something off my chest.

  • What's up?

  • I just blew up the bathroom, so I wouldn't go in there for another like 25 minutes. It's bad.

  • Thanks.

  • Cool.

Oh, hey, I just blew it up in there. You might want to wait.

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Weird Ways Guys Say “I Love You”

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    Vivi Lee posted on 2021/08/09
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