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Hi, I'm Kathy Santo for Iams with Howdini.
And today we're going to discuss the dangers of
allowing puppy biting, the importance of playing
correctly, and how to stop the unwanted biting behavior.
It's normal and even cute when your puppy nibbles and lunges
at your hands.
Since your puppy has been exposed only other puppies in
the litter who naturally play with biting and mouthing, it
would make perfect sense why he would assume that playing
with you wouldn't be different.
But as puppies' teeth grow and their bodies become stronger,
what was once cute nibbling eventually turns into
uncomfortable or even dangerous
rough play and bites.
Since biting is an unacceptable type of play,
it's important to teach your pup how to enjoy playing games
with toys instead of your hand.
Playing is a healthy, natural activity that helps build the
bond between you and your puppy.
This also affects your puppy's trainability--
sitting, waiting, learning tricks, not pulling on the
leash, even to stop biting.
Before teaching your puppy not to bite, it's important to
train your puppy to decrease bite pressure.
Allow your puppy to begin mouthing and
nibbling at your hand.
When he bites down hard yell "Ouch!" so he's startled and
stops for a second.
Continue allowing him to mouth your hand, making sure to
speak up every time he bites too hard, so your puppy can
learn your threshold for what is acceptable and what isn't.
Once your puppy understand your feedback about the
strength of his bite, you can begin to reduce biting.
The best way to teach your puppy not to bite is to
redirect him to a toy or a chew bone.
Simply give your dog a firm no and replace whatever he was
biting with something he is allowed to chew.
If your puppy is three to six months old, there's a good
chance he may be teething.
So he might be trying to reduce discomfort by chewing.
Try giving him an ice cube to chew on.
It'll numb his gums and help alleviate the pain.
My favorite trick is to get puppies to stop biting is to
exaggerate and pretend they've injured me, their friend.
By pretending their nip actually hurt you by putting
your hand away, yelling ouch, and stop playing, you're
replicating what other litter mates would do if another
puppy were to cause them pain.
Managing and controlling puppy biting problems can be a major
challenge for dog lovers.
Puppy biting or nipping starts out as a bit of fun but needs
to be controlled quickly to avoid ongoing problems.
Training your dog depends on a good relationship built on
love and trust. It takes time to build a working
And the more time and patience you have with your puppy from
day one, the more obedient he'll be.
Dogs want to please.
I'm Kathy Santo for Iams with Howdini, and I hope that you
found this helpful as you welcome your new addition to
your family.
For more information about puppy training, visit
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How To Stop Puppy Biting: Training Puppies Not to Bite

4495 Folder Collection
徐光廷 published on February 22, 2016
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