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  • "My eyes are always on the Lord," and in Psalm 119:18, even 25:15, I do very well.

  • Psalm 119:18 is to me - "Open my eyes to contemplate the wonders of your law!"

  • "Open my eyes, Lord!"

  • "Open these eyes off."

  • "Open these eyes that do nothing but wander, and Tornaľa to your beauty."

  • Let me show you the difference between true Christianity and slavery.

  • And this is.

  • Slavery says "Look, you need to make things right with God, you need to be Holy, you need to stop doing this,

  • need to do this and do not do that because otherwise you will go to hell. "

  • That is slavery.

  • True Christianity is this.

  • If you could briefly catch a glimpse of how beautiful he is,

  • would have no problem with others.

  • Seek His face.

  • Seek His beauty.

  • That's it.

  • You were not crazy about your wife before I met her.

  • If you were, you probably need to come to counseling.

  • There was nothing left to be crazy.

  • But did not know her.

  • You did not know his face, did not know what it looked like or anything about it.

  • Man, but when you saw her,

  • and felt something hit you like a ton of bricks, as if I had a train Arrol.

  • I mean that in a second, everything ... know?

  • You're sitting there and man ... just like my friends.

  • "I'll go hunting, I'll go fishing, be a good day today."

  • And suddenly, you go to Wal-Mart to buy that new hook you need.

  • And "Bam!" There is.

  • Man you forget all about the important things in life such as fishing, hunting and everything else.

  • You're fried.

  • If your friends love you really have to tie you and drag you out there in the back of his truck Ford.

  • Vasto with which you saw her for a moment and it's all over!

  • Everything in your life now changed.

  • Things you care about, and do not care.

  • Things that never dreamed existed, now you know you exist.

  • What caused that?

  • You gave him a look.

  • And then, I hope so, the more you know the person,

  • becomes deeper your love.

  • Now, I'm talking about the fragile relationship between two human beings,

  • where both have great faults.

  • So imagine this.

  • Know what is salvation?

  • One day you're walking alone, totally blind to the glory of God and God pulls the curtains.

  • And your reaction is "Bam!" "What is this?"

  • "A pearl of great price."

  • "By which it is worth leaving everything else behind."

  • This is unbelievable.

  • Why nobody told me? "

  • We do not see someone getting out of bed in the morning saying "Oh, my head hurts, give me a cup of coffee."

  • "Where are you Joe?"

  • "Ah, I must go to the place, there is a ..."

  • (Grunt) "There is a pearl of great price I have to pick up."

  • Joe does not do that, why?

  • For a glory captured an essence of this thing.

  • He even tells his friend, but it rises, it is 3:00 in the morning,

  • tiptoes out of the house and goes like a bandit.

  • What motivates you?

  • The beauty of this thing.

  • In the same way.

  • Church, for a moment you see Jesus Christ

  • and every new view will guide more intense at higher levels,

  • to higher degrees of devotion and holiness.

  • Seek his face.

  • Seek his face!

  • Culminated saying this, it is very, very important.

  • The most common question I get people who want to grow in the Lord is this:

  • "I know what I should be doing, but I have no motivation."

  • "I have no heart."

  • What can you fix that?

  • Just think about it for a minute.

  • What can you fix that?

  • There is a ten-step program.

  • What can you fix it?

  • Just one thing.

  • Take a look hardest at the beauty of Jesus Christ.

"My eyes are always on the Lord," and in Psalm 119:18, even 25:15, I do very well.

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【耶穌基督的榮美】保羅華許 The Beauty of Jesus Christ - Paul Washer (Chinese)

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    Song Shian Wang posted on 2016/02/18
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