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Hey guys it's Kim Dao here, welcome back to my vlog channel
So in today's video I am going to be trying out
my Kim Dao flavoured cup noodles
from Japan
So if you guys haven't seen yet
I made a video when I went to the cup ramen museum in Japan
If you guys are interested, the video is right here if you haven't seen it yet
When I went to the cup noodle museum, I was able to make my own noodles
so you get to decorate your own cup
Write whatever you wanted on it, you were able to choose what flavour it was and what goes in it
So this is mine!
So I coloured it in and yeah... it doesn't look very nice.
It's Kim Dao flavour~ Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum... Oishii!!
So I haven't had lunch yet.. so this is going to be my lunch today.
I'm so excited!
There we go~
So inside here... I put salt flavour
as my soup base.
so... this is mine!
Oh isn't it cute?!?
So in side here... I have Hyoko-chan
which is the chicken... I don't know what this actually is..
I hope it's not fishcakes because I hate fishcakes!
And I got some chedder cheese!
Got some Kimchi pieces
and some corn!
Anyway I boiled some eggs as well because I love having instant noodles with boiled eggs and salt
its so delicous!
Got some water... let's do this!
Let's just close that and let that set for a few minutes
I think it's ready.. it smells so good!
Let's try it guys! Let's try
I don't really taste the kimchi actually... let's try the Hyoko-chan
I think it is fishcakes...
I don't like fishcakes... I don't like fish so...
I probably won't eat anymore Hyoko-chans
Ooo the cheese is good!
It's actually really good! I'm happy with my Kim Dao Noodles
Kimchi needs to be a bit stronger, you can't really taste the kimchi at all
But I love the cheese... next time when I go
I'm going to be putting more cheese into my noodles, it's so good!
I'll replace the Hyoko-chan with more cheese. Because.. sorry Hyoko-chan but I don't like you!
I'm not going to eat it because I hate fish!
So I finished my noodles and it actually wasn't that bad
It was okay, it wasn't the greatest thing I've ever tasted
I wish there was more flavour in the kimchi
And I guess I was disappointed with the Hyoko-can because it was fishcakes and I hate fishcakes
Other than that it was actually pretty good, I was very impressed
I love the cheese in it, the cheese tasted so good!
Next time I go I will put more cheese in it because Iabsolutely love cheese with everything
So thank-you so much guys for watching and hope you guys enjoyed it
If you guys haven't already yet, subscribe to my main channel I have a lot of Japan vlogs on there~
Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video
Also don't forget to follow me on social media because I still post a lot of Japan photos
So follow me on my Instagram at "kimdaoblog"or my Snapchat at "kimdaoblog"
Or I also got my facebook and my twitter
so make sure you follow me on there
And... I'll see you guys in the next video! Bye!!
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Cup Noodles from JAPAN Taste Test | Kim Dao

3062 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on February 17, 2016
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