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Hey, guys. I'm in Harajuku now with Mimei.
Yo! Yaaay!
So we're still friends even after what happened.
Are you sure? Are we sure? I'm not Kyle.
We're in front of Laforet. There is this event going on. It's like a massive sale.
There's Ank Rouge and I really like Ank Rouge but I don't know the sales wasn't that great
for Ank Rouge but there's stuff over there for like $10 and... yeah.
Lots and lots of popular brands. Yeah, lots of people and lots of brands.
If people are in Tokyo right now and they want to grab some fashion for cheap this is the place.
Yeah, go here.
So there are some really cheap things but we've been good, we're not shopping today.
I'm trying... Trying not to.
I might break in a minute. Yeah.
So we're waiting for Sharla to come so, because, well, if she's not gonna come soon we might shop so...
Yeah. Hurry up!
Hurry up Sharla! Sharla! Please! Quickly!
Sharla now, and Mimei, so, um, yeah, Sharla turned up and... I bought one thing. I only bought one thing.
What did you get?
I got... let me get it out. I needed to buy eyelash glue but I didn't find eyelash glue.
So I bought something else instead. So... what did I get? I got - 'cause Etude House was having, like, a 50% off sale !
Yeah! So I got this. This is like a, like you, you know how the Koreans have the ...
Oh is it the teardrop liner? Yeah. So this is like the, shiny bit, and this is the brown bit.
Oh, that's nice!
So this was like 290 yen! That's like Korea prices!
Yeah, so I'm really happy with that. Oh, that's really nice.
There's a massive sale right now in Laforet and I really really wanna go, but... I don't have the money.
There's so many people there though.
Yeah, there's too many people and I don't wanna spend money, 'cause I'm poor.
But they have lucky bags. Yeah, they had lucky bags, but I'm so scarred from lucky bags.
Yeah, anyone who's still looking for a luckybag check out Laforet in Harajuku! Ah, Omotesando? Harajuku?
So just at Starbucks now having coffee! Yeah!
So now we've moved on to a cafe now, the Snoopy Cafe in Tower Records.
So you can get Snoopy Curry, salmon, this is kind of cute.
It's usually a themed cafe. Usually they go all out like the Sanrio ones.
Such a nice cafe and we've got a Snoopy sitting next to us!
So I got a mango juice, didn't get anything to eat 'cause I'm not that hungry.
Sharla and Mimei both got cheesecakes, looks so good.
I'm just not hungry 'cause I had, ah, lunch before I came here.
Alright guys, so I said goodbye to Mimei and Sharla, and now I am...
Akabanebashi! Ruka! Hey guys!
I'll link her channel down below. Thank you!
But we are right in front of Tokyo Tower. Yes!
It's a lot smaller than I expected, but, that's kinda cool. I've never been here before actually.
Oh really, it's your first time? Yeah, I've never been to Tokyo Tower.
We should go! That'd be fun. Yeah, so, um, we're going to an SK2 event now.
Walking there now, I actually don't know where we're going, is this the right way?
I think this is the right way.
This is classical me, I get lost. Don't know where I'm going half the time.
So it's really dark right now, but are waiting for this event to start.
I actually don't really know what's happening, so - wow it's so dark!
Can't even see anything - but yeah, we're just waiting for the event to start.
So the event's over now, and we're getting some food because I'm so hungry, so the food looks pretty amazing.
Round two, I'm so hungry!
So I got more food.
And here's everyone else, yay!
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Harajuku with Mimei and Sharla ❤️| SK-II Change Destiny Event | KimDao in JAPAN

579 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on February 17, 2016
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