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Hi. It's Carl Kwan here from PresentationExpressions.com. This week I've got for you something very
interesting. It's how to introduce another presenter.
Why is this important? Well, sometimes you're going to have to be the host or the emcee
to certain events, such as some sort of academic lecture.
Maybe it's going to be a business seminar or some kind of international conference or
just a conference at your local school or business organization, whatever.
In any case, there are times when you have to be the host or emcee and you will have
to introduce another speaker. So this is how you do it. Three steps, really simple.
First one is called the setup. In the setup, you're first of all going to talk about the
current situation at hand. So you're going to say something like this.
You're going to say, "Good afternoon. Thank you for being here this afternoon."
Very easy. Then you're going to talk about the speaker's name and background.
So right after that, you're going to say, "Today, we're pleased to welcome Dr. Byung
Kwun Ahn, a very special guest from Korea."
So the underlined parts in everything you're going to see right now, you should replace
of course with your own material. But the rest of it, you can just copy it as is.
So we are pleased to welcome whoever it is and then a very special guest from maybe -- it
could be your province. It could be another university. It could be another company. It
doesn't really matter. Just whatever organization or place that the person is from.
Then you're going to want to talk a little bit more detail about that person, more about
their background.
"So, Dr. Ahn is a senior economist in the economic research institute with the Bank
of Korea. Dr. Ahn's specialty is macroeconomics."
So the different parts of this are first of all his name, then the second part senior
economist is his job title. Then what department or division he works in. OK. In this case,
it's the economic research institute and then the final part is what organization he is
from. In this case, Dr. Ahn is from the Bank of Korea.
Then Dr. Ahn's specialty, really important what they are specializing in. In this case,
it's macroeconomics and actually Dr. Ahn is a real person. I do know him, so he actually
asked me to help him with this. So Dr. Ahn, hi. Anyway, this is for you.
So the next part of it is very simple. We call it the pitch. Now this is what he's actually
going to talk about in his presentation. OK? What the person is going to talk about.
So you're going to say, "And today, he will be sharing with us his expert opinion on the
future effects of inflation on the Korean economy."
Now big underlined part at the end there because it could be anything that the person is going
to talk about.
Really important to put maybe his expert opinion because that is the person's expertise, right?
And he will be sharing with us something. OK? So very, very simple phrase you can use
there, simple presentation expression you can use there.
The third step of this, we call it the close. This is going to be ending your introduction
of that person and bringing that person onstage. So what you're going to say is the importance
of the presentation or lecture or seminar or whatever it is, to answer in the mind of
the audience the question, "Why should I care?" They're wondering, "Why should I care about
this?" So you're going to tell them what will happen and what they may have to do.
This is more simple than it sounds. Really you're just going to say, "With that, I ask
that you give your full attention to Dr. Ahn and help me in welcoming him to the stage.
Dr. Ahn."
That's it. OK? That's all you have to do. You just tell them what they have to do and
what's going to happen right now, which is Dr. Ahn is going to come up on stage, so we
want you to help me welcome him up on to the stage. Very, very simple. So just change the
name and change maybe the location, maybe. It could be the podium. It could be the stage,
whatever. OK?
And then make sure at the end you say that person's name with some authority. Say, "Dr.
Ahn!" because that is Dr. Ahn's cue to come up on stage. Otherwise, he's not going to
know that you're calling him. OK? So take a little pause after the last part. OK?
So you want to say, "With that, I ask that you give your full attention to Dr. Ahn and
help me in welcoming him to the stage. Dr. Ahn!" Just like that. Really simple.
So the three steps again were the setup, which is the current situation and a little bit
about the person's name of course and the background of that person.
Then of course you're going to talk about the pitch, which is exactly what is so important
about that particular lecture or seminar or presentation.
Then of course the close, so now you're going to bring the person up. You're going to talk
about the importance of the presentation and of course what will happen and what the audience
should do. OK?
So what the speaker will do in the pitch, what the person's background is and what the
current situation is in the setup.
Really simple, three steps you can follow. Just use that and you will have no trouble
introducing another presenter at whatever function or event or lecture that you have
going on.
So thank you very much for watching. This is Carl Kwan from PresentatonExpressions.com.
If you have any questions or comments, please leave those underneath the video here or underneath
our post and we would be more than happy to help you out. All right? So talk to you again
next time. Bye-bye.
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How to Introduce Another Speaker in 3 Steps (CC)

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Blue Jimmy published on February 17, 2016
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