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  • Are you interested in expanding your English conversation topics?

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  • At the doctor.

  • Hello, David.

  • Hello, Dr. Smith.

  • What can I help you with today?

  • I'm experiencing nausea.

  • Do you have any other symptoms?

  • I have a bad headache, too.

  • Have you thrown up at all?

  • Yes, last night, and again this morning.

  • Do you still feel like vomiting?

  • My stomach still feels upset.

  • OK, what about your head, do you still have a headache?

  • Yes, it is very painful.

  • How would you describe the pain?

  • It feels like someone is squeezing my head really hard.

  • OK, I'll prescribe you something for the nausea.

  • Okay, thank you.

  • For the headache, take some paracetamol and get some rest. Come back if it doesn't get better.

  • OK, I will. Thank you for your help.

  • No problem. Hope you feel better soon.

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Are you interested in expanding your English conversation topics?

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English Conversation Topics - At The Doctor

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    David Jukicson posted on 2021/07/29
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