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  • - Cut him off! - He's an impostor!

  • Take his legs out!

  • - Come on! Help us out! Help us out! - Get him!

  • Get out of the way!

  • We got him!

  • - You guys got him! - Come on! Come on!

  • Let's dance. Let's dance!

  • Come on, he can't take us all!

  • Only one man's gonna walk away from this thing, and I promise you...

  •'ll be the lightning quick dude with the big yellow things in his hands. Dig it?

  • Nice hat, Santa!

  • Wanda, are you there?

  • Can you hear me? It's Fred calling.

  • Kind of important you pick up right now. Are you at the restaurant?

  • Give a call when you get a chance, as soon as possible. Okay?

  • Hopefully, I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

  • Yeah, she's not picking up the phone, so...

  • What the hell, it's Christmas. Go ahead, make another call.

- Cut him off! - He's an impostor!

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