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Both: Hey!
Clara: How are you today? I'm very good because I'm here with a very special guest.
Troye: Hi everyone, what's up, it's Troye.
Troye: Yeeeeeeeeeeeee
Clara: You're in Sweden!
Troye: I am. I've been here for like the last four days,
and I'm absolutely obsessed with it.
It gets dark at like 3PM but it's fine, because I'm just having the best time anyway.
Clara: You released an album?
Troye: I did! On December 4th.
Clara: Good job.
Troye: Thank you so much.
It's such a weight off my chest.
Clara: Which is your favourite song (from the album)?
Troye: My favourite song... it's so hard, because I wrote all of the songs.
Clara: It's like picking a child, out of all of your children.
Troye: It really is, and they're all so different as well.
If I'm feeling chilled and happy I'll listen to Cool,
if I'm feeling cutesy I'll listen to For him,
if I'm feeling a little, like, I don't know, [fiecy?? what? my australian sucks I'm so sorry] I'll listen to Too Good
like I have different things, but I like all of the songs.
Clara: How often do you listen to your own music?
Troye: It's a little bit embarrassing how often I listen to it.
No, not really, just every now and then, it'll just come on shuffle and I just won't change it.
Clara: So today, we're doing a game.
Troye: We are.
Clara: I've written down pieces of lyrics.
And some of them are from your songs, from the album,
and some of them are from Swedish songs.
And I've written them all in Swedish. So your quest is to guess,
which of them are from your album, which song, and which line.
Troye: Maybe I've learnt Swedish in the last four days and you didn't even know.
And I'll just get all of them right?
Clara: That's going to be embarrassing for me if that's the case.
First one. Are you ready?
Troye: Yes.
Clara: "Mitt glada lilla piller".
Troye: Oh! My happy little pill!
Clara: Yeah! Good one!
Troye: Alright. Cool.
Clara: "Vill du inte se en man på nära håll?"
Troye: I don't think that's something I wrote.
Clara: Are you sure?
Troye: Not really.
Clara: It is a song you wrote.
Troye: Okay okay let me try and guess! I think that means... only fools fall for you.
Clara: ... that's wrong.
Troye: What is it?
Clara: "Don't you wanna see a man up close?"
Troye: Aww maaaaan. It's only the ones that sound English that I'm gonna be able to guess.
Like when you said like "piller".
And I'm like "ah okay cool".
Clara: Okay number three! "Vem är du, vem är jag, levande charader".
Troye: Okay, it's one of my songs.
And it's from... Ease.
And it's the lyric.... my baby listens to me on the phone.
Is that right..?
Clara: All of them were wrong.
Troye: Dang, so it's not one of my songs?
Clara: No, it's, erhh... what's her name.
She sings with a really dramatic voice, like [VEM ÄRRR DU VEM ÄRRR JAG LEVANDE CHARAAAADER]
Troye: Oh, so like, a little bit operatic?
Clara: ... yeah. Kind of. [really, no.]
"Hej Monika, hej på dig Monika".
Troye: Hmm. What song do I sing hey?
Oh, in Wild, it's like "wi-i-i-iiiild, HEY"
so maybe... maybe thats what it is?
Clara: ... noooo.
Troye: Damn what is it?
Clara: No, it's... it's a Swedish song.
Translated, it's "hello Monica, hello hello Monica".
Troye: That's kind of cute, it's a bit like Adele.
Clara: Number five, then: "Jag ser simbassänger, vardagsrum och flygplan".
Troye: Repeat the question please.
Hmm, a flugeluplan.
Troye: It is one of my songs..?
Clara: Correct.
Troye: It's from... DKLA?
Alright, it's from, umm... Fools?
Okay it's from Fools!
Clara: Jag... ser... simbassänger...
Troye: Is it just "only fools fall for you"? What is it?
Clara: "I see swimming pools and livingrooms and aeroplanes".
Troye: Aaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh
I'm gonna have my Swedish down by next time I visit, and then I'm gonna score.
Clara: Yeah, and then you can come back and I'll do it all in Finnish.
Troye: Yeah. Thank you.
Clara: Okay so number six: "Det var dans och hålligång".
Troye: I would never write such a thing.
Clara: No, you wouldn't.
Troye: It's not mine?!
Clara: "Diggiloo diggiley, alla tittar på mig".
Troye: Diggiloo diggiley... havidevittavavedevej.
Clara: Your Swedish is amazing.
Troye: Thank you! I don't think it's one of mine.
Clara: No, it's not.
Troye: GOOD
Clara: "Är det fest? Får man komma?"
Troye: Hmm. I think it's one of mine. Is that right?
Clara: No.
Troye: Damn.
Clara: Okay, so the last one. If you get this one, you win.
Troye: Oh! The whole thing?!
Clara: "Vi har inte tid att bli gamla".
Troye: Okay, it's one of mine.
Gamla... means "old".
Is that right?!
Clara: Yes...!!??
Troye: Because I went to Galma Stan which is the Old Town.
Clara: Oh yeah..!!
Troye: So I have a lyric... where do I say "old"?
Clara: And I think the first word, you could also guess.
Troye: Ving? What is it?
Clara: Vi.
Troye: With? Me? Us? ... We?
We! We. Old. Hmmmm.
Cause I'm so scared of getting old..?
What! I don't even know my own songs.
Clara: That is the lyric, but it's...
Troye: "I'm so scared of getting old"... oh that's an Adele song, never mind.
What is it? I'm blank. You win. What is it?
Clara: Cause we've no time for getting old.
Troye: We've no time for getting old......
Clara: But good job! You did pretty good.
Troye: Thank you, I tried my best.
Clara: I have a gift for you, for trying so hard. Have you tried these?
Troye: No, I haven't.
Clara: Djungelvrål.
Troye: Is this the salty licourice thing..!?
Okay so it smells like licourice.
It's burning my tounge!
Ew! That's horrific!
Clara: I think it's good!
So thank you so much for being on my channel.
Troye: Tack tack for having me on your channel.
Clara: Awwwww, tack!
We have the same shoes, also.
Troye: Thumbnail.
Clara: That's all for this week! I'll see you guys next week. Take care.
Both: Hejdå!
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Is this a song? w/ TROYE SIVAN

974 Folder Collection
Alice Su published on February 12, 2016    黄子妮 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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