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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.
Today I'm going to do a Korean beauty haul.
And I recently went to Tokyo, so I got all my stuff in Koreatown in Tokyo.
Uhm.. Koreatown is in Shin-Ōkubo,
and I went with Sunny and other YouTubers, and Sunny was a mentor for me, so she helped me pick out everything.
Please don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
And I recently got Snapchat, so I'm trying to figure that all out but..
Yeah, if you wanna see what I'm up to during my day.
And today, I'm going to show you a few things that I got when I was with Sunny.
And she recommended these things to me.
I have drier skin, especially in the morning and throughout the day
it kinda gets a little bit oily, but it's mostly dry.
So, I wanted to go out and get some products that are good for dry skin.
The first item that I got is 'Egg White Pore Foam'.
You can see what this is.
And this product is actually really nice
and it smells so, so good!
Actually all of these products smell amazing I was actually really surprised.
And this product contains fresh plants and fruits.
It keeps your skin healthy and smooth. I was amazed with how my skin felt right after I used it.
And this contains pore purifying egg white and deep cleanses pore clogging and purities with rich, white foam.
Egg whites are loaded with albumin.
..I think I butchered that.
But.. It consists of amino acids.
So, if you're interested in purifying your skin with a little bit of egg whites and natural ingredients; this is a great face wash
and I'm loving it right now.
It's very relaxing and it's by SkinFood.
The next product that I got, that I didn't try yet is the 'Black Sugar Honey Mask' wash off.
So, this is what it looks like.
This is also by SkinFood.
It's a black sugar, honey mask wash off, a skin softening, exfoliating mask that contains mineral-rich,
Brazilian black sugar and moisturising honey for soft, glowing skin.
And I didn't use this yet, but I'm assuming it's just something that you put on and leave on for a couple minutes.
Yeah, it's natural ingredients. This is also by SkinFood.
You just put it on your face and then you wash it off when you're finished.
And I can't wait to try it I didn't open it yet, but let's open it now! I kinda wanna see what it looks like.
It smells like honey.
So this is what it looks like.
It has like a gooey, sort of separated consistency.
You probably have to mix it up a little bit.
But it smells amazing! I can not wait to use this, this is really, really great!
So... the next thing that I got was a 'Collagen Moistful Cream' from Etude House.
And I think this is great for people that have dry skin.
This is super moisturising and it smells so good, if you can see it.
I'm just super happy with it!
Collagen-anything is really good for your skin. I think that's the secret for staying young.
So if you're interested in this, this is by Etude House.
The next thing that I bought is... Aloe Vera!
Aloe Vera is really good for restoring impurities to your skin.
It's very moisturising and I love it so far, it smells really good, it's very suiting to the skin,
so I really recommend this to put this on every day because, it is doing wonders to my skin.
After I bought all of this stuff, I got this for free, which is awesome!
And this is the same thing as the product that they showed recently.
This is for your body, it's body cream and it's Aloe Vera.
It's color-free, it's mineral oil-free and paraben-free.. I'm not sure what that is
but, it's really good for your skin, very soothing.
I recommend this product and I'm really happy that I got this for free!
The last product that I got, is this super cool 'My Lip Tint Pack'.
It's in the color 'Pure Pink'.
I tried it out once, this product is very, very gooey.
And you take it off, I think you're supposed to let it dry...
which I didn't, but it comes out like this.
Wait until it dries, I think and then you just peel it off.
When you take it off, it comes off in like, little balls.
It's pretty amazing and it just leaves a little bit of a tint on your lips.
So, it lasts all day. It's really, really great cause I couldn't even get it off until the next day.
You have to, kinda like, wash it off.
But, it's really good if you don't like putting anything lip related on your lips every day.
Which, I don't really play around too much with lip-anything.
Because it always comes off by the end of the day.
It's actually kind of moisturising, but it tastes really bad.
So, like, if I bite my lips or something.
I stupidly forgot to put this in my video and it's my favourite item.
It's the 'Wonder Pore' toner, so it deep cleanses, and minimises appearance of pores, refines skin tones and many more.
There's 7 in 1 things it does.
And this is from 'Etude House'. Just put it on a cotton pad or your fingers and apply it evenly.
I love trying new products and this is my first Korean beauty haul and hopefully I can do a Japanese haul,
I have some skin care regimes that I do every day, so I want to do more of that.
Want to do more fashion, want to do more beauty, because I'm starting to get really into it!
So that's all for today.
Thank you guys for watching and if you liked any of these products, I'll link some websites where you can get Korean make up and skin care products.
Check the links below and also, I just want to let you guys know you can contribute to subtitles now.
So, if you're interested in translating; I'm going to put up the English subs up first
and then you guys can translate it in German or Japanese or anything
so, please do so if you have the time, it would really help me.
This is the start of 2016 and I'm really excited to make more videos.
I have so much to show you: Videos from this past year that I didn't upload so,
I hope you guys enjoy everything that I do, and if you have any questions for a Q&A please don't hesitate to ask questions at the bottom of this video,
and also please comment on any other products that you guys would like me to try.
That would be really great if you could recommend me some products.
Yeah, so thanks for watching! See you guys next time! Bye!
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KOREAN Beauty Haul 韓国のスキンケアとメーク

2252 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on February 12, 2016
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