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Hey everybody, I'm on a date and I'm going to the Aqua Bar & Restaurant
And it's really cool we just arrived
This is what it looks like
So you go down this cave-like structure
So let's go inside!
So we just sat down and this is super super cool inside
And oh my gosh!
This is the tank
We are sitting right in front of this beautiful tank
Tyler's trying to read the menu
So we got a course meal and this is the menu right here
I got a set so it's like 5800 yens, about 58 dollars per person to eat here
And it's really nice if you wanna take somebody out on a date
So this is the menu, this is our course
I'm not sure what some of these are, hot appetizer, fish dish
Meat dish, Dessert, Expresso or Tea, so lots of things that you can get for this course
and you get Champagne!
So this right here is tako, which is octopus
And then we have fish: sakana
This is kamo which is duck
I'm not a big fan of duck
Also when you apply online, when you make a reservation online you can say what your allergy is
and they'll make sure nothing is inside it
Eating the duck
And the duck is absolutely delicious
It tastes juste like ham
So this is the fish
Let's taste the fish
Everything just melts in your mouth
I feel like I don't deserve this meal
Here's the octopus
Octopus doesn't really look like this, this looks really good
It's fancy!
That sauce is like an onion-y...
Like you know the gyro sauce you put on gyros?
Tastes like that
I really like that!
Oh my gosh! This smells amazing
It's just like this one little piece of meat with apple underneath it
Oh my god it's like so tender!!
Oh my god it melts in your mouth
It's so good, I'm so happy!!
I'm going to eat the fish!
Everything just smells delicious
I'm gonna cry! This fish is the best fish I've ever tasted in my whole entire life!!
This is high-end stuff
I feel so special!
It smells good once again!
This is our meat dish
This is like a sweet potato inside some mash potatoes
I think it's mash potatos
I don't even have to say anything
It's really good!
I got the big plate!!
Tyler got the small dinky plate
Because he's a dinky man!
I'm okay?
Oh my gosh this looks so good!
Okay so far we finished our meal
I just ate a whole half cake
and now I'm having my coffee, because you can have coffee and tea at the end of your meal
Yeah there's like 3 different courses that you can choose from for this restaurant
and this was the second one, it was 5800 yens
The next best one was 7000 yens but i'll link the website and plans down below, if you wanna make a reservation
You might need someone Japanese to help you if you don't speak Japanese
but there's also an English website to help you reserve this place, so if I find the link i'll put it below as well
I was so satisfied with this course, I think this is the best course meal I've had in my whole entire life
And it's great for parties, it's great for birthdays, this is great for anything!
You guys should definitely come!
So we're gonna get back to our date, but thanks for watching! Byyyye!
The turtle gave up
He just put his head in a rock and went to sleep
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LUXIS AQUA BAR: The Best Place For A Date//デートする所

569 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on February 12, 2016
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