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The victors of the 74th Hunger Games- Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark!
They're very close knit, but very welcoming. You know, like they're sweet and awesome,
and I think they were kind of excited to have some fresh blood around. You know, I think
they might have been getting a little, not bored with each other, but just ready to shake
it up. Who else can we pick on? Yeah. And if they hadn't been, we kind of outnumbered
them- the amount of new people- with Francis on our side and director and all of that.
So they would have felt insecure. So we could have actually taken over the set.
Katniss Everdeen is a symbol. You don't have to destroy her, just her image.
What's perhaps the thing that surprised you most while shooting this and being on set?
Jen and Josh's amazing relationship, and the amount of new ways they could f**k with each
other. I mean, I literally... I thought it would run out at one point, and I was like
oh we're going to see the same schtick again and again, but really it was just everyday.
Every single day it was a new thing, and they literally I mean laughter has to be about
surprise, right? You can't always laugh at like the same thing. It made me laugh like
a new born child every single day on set. Just like I couldn't even imagine it was happening
in front of me.
Yeah, the chemistry between those two is sort of a gift. Yeah, it's incredible and so you
know, to be the third wheel and the fourth wheel. You're like... At times, you're like
yay. Sort of laugh at jokes I had no idea about, especially being English, I was like
I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm going to laugh with you. I'm going to
try. But like I said, they were very, very welcoming.
Josh actually f**ked with me personally. He
took like this can of skunk poo type thing. I mean, it really really stunk... It was just like this smelly thing.
He went into my trailer, went into the toilet, grabbed loads of toilet
paper and like sprayed it and put it into my bin, and I couldn't work out where the
smell was coming from. I went so nuts. I was going nuts, going oh my God it stinks. Who
has gone into my trailer and had a sh*t, seriously? It stinks! I couldn't point the finger at
more people, and eventually he confessed and you know, after taking the trash out.
This film obviously contains some pretty nightmarish scenes. So we're asking everyone. What is
your real worst nightmare, in real life, apart from the skunks?
Well, I've only ever like had one nightmare that I can distinctly remember, and it was
when I was younger. I don't remember much about it, other than I was in this sort of
alley that was blocked off, and this huge crab- I don't know why or how- like really
gigantic crab was coming down, like coming at me like this, and that's all that I remember,
and I woke up just before it got me. But I think big crabs scare the living daylights
out of me.
Don't know why. Maybe because I'm a Cancer.
I know, but then Finnick Odair. What would he do with crabs? He'd just like... Just imagine
the trident when you're having that fear.
Finnick versus crabs. It's a spin off!
That's it! Finnick and the crabs. I feel like he's... I feel like he's... Never mind.
I was going to say he... has you know...
Are you saying Finnick has crabs?
Yes. No we're not! That would be brilliant! Now, that is a sight to behold.
Finnick and his crabs. Yeah, which I mean, you know, couldn't put it past him. Oh my
God. Mags gave them to me.
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Hunger Games' Sam Claflin and Jena Malone on crabs and the Catching Fire crew

436 Folder Collection
蘇靖 published on February 12, 2016
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