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Looks like the monsoon is already here. And its raining motorcycles from Suzuki.
So after making an impressive return to MotoGP with their race prototype, the GSX-RR, now they
have launched this, the GSX-S1000. Suzuki's very first litre class naked.
And its powered by the iconic engine from the K5 GSX-R. One which Troy Corser raced to Suzuki's only World Superbike
title in 2005, and gets a 3 mode traction control as well which even the latest GSX-R
doesn't get. So lets see how far this takes forward the legacy of the most legendary GSX-R.
What has impressed me the most is the way this handles. And that's thanks to this all new aluminium chassis which is,
even lighter than the one on the present generation GSX-R1000. Combine that with the short wheelbase
and the wide handlebars and this is a hoot to ride in even the most technical sections.
Supremely agile and the feedback from the chassis is just telepathic.
When you think, and it turns. The suspension too is adjustible soaking in the bumps so effortlessly.
Custom made Dunlops for this bike which provided a supreme amount of grip for road tyres and
really consistent feedback in dry as well as wet. Things I did not like were the brakes.
They lack initial bite, and you have to grab quite a handful of the lever to shed speed quickly.
The throttle is really sensitive, making on-off throttle transitions very snatchy
and very jerky, especially in the city. But talking about the city, the ergonomics are
perfect for the urban environment.
The seat height is the lowest you will find on a litre class naked. The handlebar is upright and wide enough to make U-turns less of a chore.
And the light clutch is well suited to tackle the clogged city streets. But I am not entirely
convinced about the way it looks. And more importantly I feel, the GSX-S1000 marks a
shift in Suzuki's approach. They were never about electronics. They would always insist
on making motorcycles that provide a pure riding experience. Bikes which are very involving
and which give riders the supreme control. And that, has obviously changed with this
bike. And the addition of electronic aids has changed this into a tempting proposition
even for unexperienced riders. But in doing so ironically, this, the Kawasaki Z1000 has
come to represent everything that Suzuki has advocated thus far.
So how do they fare in comparison. The Sugomi design sets the Z1000 apart from any other naked in the market.
But the GSX-S1000 is the best sounding Japanese vehicle.
The shorter final drive on the Z tears through the tarmac from the on set but it's top end isn't nearly as fierce as that on the GSX.
The brakes on the Z have a ravenous bite and the Showa big piston forks provide
the stability required to make the most out of it.
The GSX counters it with the stability afforded by the slipper clutch, which the Z1000 doesn't get.
The Z's fueling was much better in the city, but it's clutch is ridiculously hard in comparison to that of the GSX.
The GSX though is buzzier at higher revs but offers outstanding ride quality compared to the stiff
ride of the Z. But where the Suzuki really pulls up a gap on the Kawasaki is in the
corners and that's because the GSX is 12 kgs lighter, which means its that much quicker on its feet,
that much easier to flick in and out of tight corners and carry more speed, owing to its
better ground clearance, and it really throws the knockout punch by delivering more power,
better equipment and better technology by still undercutting the Z1000 and thereby ultimately
winning this bout. So there you have it guys. That is pretty much all from my end. Hope
you have enjoyed this duel as much as I have. If you have any queries, any doubts please
drop your comments and make sure you enable your replies, so we can get back to you as
soon as possible. And of course, if you want to be a part of the PD Army, click the link below!
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2015 Suzuki GSX-S1000 | Review | PowerDrift

991 Folder Collection
tetanus0610 published on February 11, 2016
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