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Do I like cars? If you like cars
Look [ooh!] Amazing cars there to see!
No, that, that way, yeah
There you go
These cars are nice..
Why are they sitting on those BEAUTIFUL CARS!
Do you like cars?
What language is this in?
Take a guess
You do have some in there
Yep, like that is
That's not
What do you think that is? Some of it is in English though
[Yep, that's right] Its..
So you see where you see the subtitles? Yeah?
That's when it's in English, isn't it
Chinese and English
What group is this?
Yeah I know
What is it?
It's English
I think...yeah No...
I don't like this
That was very wrong XD
It's the facial expressions they're pulling It's like..
Have you noticed anything? Noo...
So you're actually watching two music videos
right now Am I?
Wait, why are they wearing rips in their trousers
Like, it's basically fashonable but like that's like rips all over their legs
It's cool though isn't it?
[And those] On THEM
But I don't think If somebody wore it in like real life
It would look really weird [Really?]
I thought those moves were cool
No!!! Not, not, I don't even want to do that
And then all the others are wearing trousers
I guessed, yeah
It's baby right?
It's the...XD
Some of them What do you mean?
Not all of them is act... Not all of them is ripped
What do they do? [Where you can actually see the skin..]
What are we talking about again?
What, so you combined the two music videos?
See? Like what you're seeing there [yeah?]
It could be like another sort of material in there
not their actual skin
Do you get it?
Yeah, so that's not their actual skin [But it could be]
I don't even like..
I can't even tell that this is two videos
One of them had their hair up In like a little bubble bit
In the bit that we just watched Like that
One of them is wearing lipstick
Are you sure? [Yes]
It's like dark brown
That's wrong
What's wrong?
The move they did a minute ago You might not like it now..
But you will love it after a few more like If you listen to it a LOT MORE
There you go It does look wrong
That's was..
Okay, lets get with the questions then
I don't want to say it
What? You don't want to say what?
What they DID!
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BRITISH KIDS Watching EXO (K and M) CALL ME BABY [The Girls] | ocUKids KPOP #8

970 Folder Collection
黃靜文 published on February 10, 2016
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