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  • [music]

  • We are here at McDonald’s in Japan to try the new

  • chocolate covered fries

  • I don’t know if I want to but

  • let’s go!

  • [music]

  • Hi! Hook me up with them chocolate fries son

  • [music]

  • The chocolate sauce

  • oh those are one of those squeeze packages! Yeah!

  • Youve gotta like, crack it

  • and it drizzles on at once so it’s white and chocolate together

  • I can’t imagine this being good I’ll be really honest with you

  • Theyre just normal fries

  • See that in the centre. Yeah


  • It’s really, it’s like a commercial, isn’t it?

  • Whoa, you can smell all of the chocolate sauce on this

  • yeah I don’t know if I really want to do this

  • yes you do!

  • Ok now that weve laid it all out and it looks all beautiful

  • This is covered in a chocolate sauce and a white chocolate sauce

  • It’s a double chocolate sauce to be correct

  • It actually smells not bad

  • I mean, it smells great, in concept

  • sweet and salty go really well together right?

  • But I…don’t know

  • Ok you ready? Let’s grab some

  • I’m gonna use a fork because I’m not a barbarian

  • Oh! Look at that!

  • Chocolate sauce on your fries. You ready?

  • Yeah. Let’s do this

  • I only taste chocolate. I only taste chocolate!

  • It’s delicious. It’s just chocolate. It’s just chocolate. Really.

  • There’s gotta be more to it than that.

  • Ok hang on. Ok.

  • Mm. I can taste the saltiness of the fries. Mmmhmmm

  • This is actually great.

  • This is legitimately really good

  • But there is a lingering potato taste, mmhhmmm,

  • that I’m not super into

  • Yeah, you know what? I’m totally down for this.

  • You know what I think I would do? Tell me

  • I would order this, I would halve the fries

  • so that I could have savoury fries,

  • and then for dessert, you could just squeeze that on and have it at the end.

  • Whoa. Right? Youre just gonna hoover them anyways aren’t you?

  • I am. You didn’t get all of this chocolate sauce out yet

  • I thought I got pretty much all of it

  • EWWWW!

  • This is some quality chocolate sauce! Mmmcmm!

  • You know, I was really expecting this to be gross.

  • That was the plan.

  • Yes I got one without sauce!

  • It’s actually delicious.

  • McDonald’s Japan tends to have these limited edition menus

  • even on the actual thing that were ordering right now

  • there’s a tray for a mashed potato bacon burger

  • making its 2.2 debut, which means there was a 2.1. 2.1!

  • And 2.1, is this like an iOS update they have? I don’t know!

  • All I know is I’m really temped to try this.

  • You know sometimes when you go to another country youre like

  • Oh we should try the local food and not try something from McDonald’s

  • but then McDonald’s has something like chocolate fries

  • and youre like, that’s local

  • Whoa, I’ve seen so many articles about this online

  • about how like, how gross this is and how gross this is going to be

  • but it’s actually amazing, mmmhhhmmm

  • Chocolate fries, all the way

  • well, next time youre in Japan.

  • McDonald’s America: you need to get on this

  • Alright: next time youre in Japan swing by and see what crazy menu item they have

  • This is so great, slightly delicious!

  • It is delicious!

  • [music]


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McDonald's Chocolate Fries

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