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We are here at McDonald’s in Japan to try the new
chocolate covered fries
I don’t know if I want to but
let’s go!
Hi! Hook me up with them chocolate fries son
The chocolate sauce
oh those are one of those squeeze packages! Yeah!
You’ve gotta like, crack it
and it drizzles on at once so it’s white and chocolate together
I can’t imagine this being good I’ll be really honest with you
They’re just normal fries
See that in the centre. Yeah
It’s really, it’s like a commercial, isn’t it?
Whoa, you can smell all of the chocolate sauce on this
yeah I don’t know if I really want to do this
yes you do!
Ok now that we’ve laid it all out and it looks all beautiful
This is covered in a chocolate sauce and a white chocolate sauce
It’s a double chocolate sauce to be correct
It actually smells not bad
I mean, it smells great, in concept
sweet and salty go really well together right?
But I…don’t know
Ok you ready? Let’s grab some
I’m gonna use a fork because I’m not a barbarian
Oh! Look at that!
Chocolate sauce on your fries. You ready?
Yeah. Let’s do this
I only taste chocolate. I only taste chocolate!
It’s delicious. It’s just chocolate. It’s just chocolate. Really.
There’s gotta be more to it than that.
Ok hang on. Ok.
Mm. I can taste the saltiness of the fries. Mmmhmmm
This is actually great.
This is legitimately really good
But there is a lingering potato taste, mmhhmmm,
that I’m not super into
Yeah, you know what? I’m totally down for this.
You know what I think I would do? Tell me
I would order this, I would halve the fries
so that I could have savoury fries,
and then for dessert, you could just squeeze that on and have it at the end.
Whoa. Right? You’re just gonna hoover them anyways aren’t you?
I am. You didn’t get all of this chocolate sauce out yet
I thought I got pretty much all of it
This is some quality chocolate sauce! Mmmcmm!
You know, I was really expecting this to be gross.
That was the plan.
Yes I got one without sauce!
It’s actually delicious.
McDonald’s Japan tends to have these limited edition menus
even on the actual thing that we’re ordering right now
there’s a tray for a mashed potato bacon burger
making its 2.2 debut, which means there was a 2.1. 2.1!
And 2.1, is this like an iOS update they have? I don’t know!
All I know is I’m really temped to try this.
You know sometimes when you go to another country you’re like
Oh we should try the local food and not try something from McDonald’s
but then McDonald’s has something like chocolate fries
and you’re like, that’s local
Whoa, I’ve seen so many articles about this online
about how like, how gross this is and how gross this is going to be
but it’s actually amazing, mmmhhhmmm
Chocolate fries, all the way
well, next time you’re in Japan.
McDonald’s America: you need to get on this
Alright: next time you’re in Japan swing by and see what crazy menu item they have
This is so great, slightly delicious!
It is delicious!
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McDonald's Chocolate Fries

538 Folder Collection
co_mux published on February 7, 2016
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