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Hey everyone and welcome back, I'm Mr Stoltz.
Today i'm looking at the new Tubular X Primeknit and a while ago I did the regular Tubular
X and if you want to see a video about it, click right here!
Adidas has released multiple versions of the Tubular X with a variety of color and material
combinations. This primeknit version that i'm holding right
here came out in core black and also in a cyan version.
This primeknit version is a little bit more expensive in comparison to the regular Tubular.
This one retails for about $120 when this one retails for $160.
Let's take a look at the front part of the shoe.
The front toe box looks a lot slimmer and smaller compared to the regular version.
the regular version has synthetic reinforcements around the toe box that goes up towards the
middle part of the sneaker in comparison to the primeknit version that has all primeknit.
The new primeknit version does not have a typical tongue because the entire upper is
made out of one piece.
The laces on the primeknit version is attached
similar to the Yeezy Boost 350 because it goes directly into the material, and it goes
all the way up to the upper part of the X. The laces are a little bit thinner on the
primeknit version in comparison to the regular version. We have the same tag on the upper
part of the tongue on both sneakers. If we turn to the side, both of them has the
big X, however there's some small difference between them.
On the regular Tubular we have a leather based X in comparison to the primeknit version that
has a lighter and more flexible X. On the primeknit version the Adidas logo is
stitched onto the X in white colors.
The entire upper is made out of flexible and breathable material.
There's a snake print material that goes all
around the sneaker and in my opinion I think it looks slightly better compared to the regular
version. The shapes and materials used on the midsole
are identical on both of these sneakers. The only difference is the color, on the regular
one it's all white and on the new primeknit version it's black and white.
Moving to the back. The lower pull-strap part on the primeknit version is not as big and
easy to use compared to the regular version. However when I use the primeknit version I
tend to use the upper part of the pull strap. The logo on the back part of the sneaker is
stitched and embedded just like the side part of the shoe.
The first thing we notice when we look inside the sneaker is the sock line construction.
This is one of the features that I really like because it grips around your foot and
it feels a lot more snug. In comparison to the regular version that's a lot more loose.
The back part of the tongue says tubular of both sneakers.
If we take a look underneath, the only difference on the primeknit version is that it's in two
colors in comparison to the regular version that's all white.
One thing that I have to do on my Tubulars pretty often is clean them because they dirty really easy.
Let's take a close up look at both of these sneakers.
Let's take an on-feet look at the new Tubular X Primeknit.
If I had to make ont pick out of
these two, it's the primeknit because it's lighter, it's more flexible, and it feels
better around my foot. So what do you guys think about this sneaker?
did you get yourself a pair? I just saw today that they are sold out on Adidas.com amongst
other places so did you get them? if so, do you like them? Do you think they are better
than the regular version or would you always go with primeknit?
Let me know in the comments below and let's talk about it.
That was all for this video, thanks for watching guys. And if you see this box up here click
it and subscribe. And if you feel like it leave a big thumbs up. On this side you will
see the Yeezy Boost 350 and on this side you can take a look at the Adidas Superstar Camo.
Thanks for watching, see you next week!
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Adidas Originals Tubular X Primeknit + Review + Close Up + On Feet + Comparison - Mr Stoltz 2015

590 Folder Collection
豪豪 published on February 7, 2016
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