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There was more to him than met the eye.
It's something unnameable
He lives within a very tight confines
emotionally, physically...
He lives a solitary kind of existence.
But you always knew there was an agenda;
It was a question of what was that agenda going to turn out to be?
He's very focused.
Eventually, you get to find out who he is.
(If you truly loved her)
(When you risk your life everyday to protect the boy..)
It's not so much what you choose to do, as not disobeying.
And what does this word 'Loyalty' mean?
But you're not really aware of it.
To the end.
(It's over.)
It's been a complete privilege.
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S-N-A-P-E In Alan Rickman's Words (ENG+DUTCH SUBTITLES)

800 Folder Collection
Ken Tong published on February 6, 2016
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