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thank you thank you
thank you thank you thank you
TFBOYS please come here
it's so happy to meet you again
okay come here come here
let's welcome TFBOYS
to celebrate the new year with us
first, stand in the middle
WOW so cool
it's robot robot right?
because today is the new year eve
so first, you send some wishes to the audiences
because winter vacation is soon after new year
what winter vacation blessings to the audiences
Wang Jun Kai (Karry) : wish everyone has time to travel with family and relax
what about you, Wang Yuan (Roy)
Wang Yuan (Roy) : wish everyone becomes healthier and happier
so good, and Jackson?
wish everyone keep healthy and finish your homework
yeah! homework is really tiresome
I tell you that TFBOYS endorse an app
only have to scan the question and the solution will come out
okay wish everyone has a happy vaction
and today a special friend performed with them
hello NK-01
can you dance TFBOYS's song
dance for us okay
Wang Jun Kai (Karry) : wow! he has a husky voice
you did a good job today, NK-01
do you have anything want to ask TFBOYS
I want to know some Popular Words
He want to ask TFBOYS to act some popular words
what is the first popular words
the first one is....
what is the first popular words
let me help you
"I'm Drunk" # means Feel helpless
come Wang Yuan (Roy) you're good at drunk by milk
what is the second one
the second one is....
"Frightened the baby" # means Feeling surprised or shocked
okay Jackson, ready...3...2...1.....start
and last one is for Jun Kai (Karry)
what word
"Mainly look temperament"
Wang Jun Kai (Karry) : I think this question really suit me
it's better that I say it
okay Jun Kai , ready...3...2...1.....start
so cute
okay now TFBOYS have one more show
go to prepare it, okay
okay, see you later
also thanks NK-01, bye bye
the next song
today is the first time they preform this song
yes, the name of the song is "Imperfect Child"
the song tells everyone especially kids that
there may have something imperfect when you're growing
but it is important to keep conversation with your parents
grow into a perfect child
maybe all people praise for the perfect child
but the imperfect child will receive love from parents
in parents view, even their kids are imperfect they will always be the cutest
in my view, TFBOYS's song has an important feature that every song is Inspirational
now TFBOYS will show us a different preformance and
this song may cause you remember loves from parents
now welcome TFBOYS
"Imperfect Child"
this song for you
thank you thank everyone
the last song "Red Dragonfly"
sing with us
sing with us
Thank you!
Happy New Year
wish you happy new year and stay healthy thank you, thank you, bye bye
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【TFBOYS】【ENGsub】湖南衛視2016跨年晚會 TFBOYS全程 超清源碼

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khengkit520 published on February 6, 2016
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