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- So I'm half Japanese, 3/8th Mexican, and 1/8th Filipino.
- I'm half Japanese, half Italian.
- I'm pretty black.
(electronic drum music)
- How much of your identity is based on
what you are from a racial standpoint?
And to think that could all be
not what you thought it was.
- If it turns out that I'm not Italian
or not Japanese,
you're going to blow my fucking mind.
- It's going to give me an excuse
to try more foods because I'll be like,
"Oh, I'm representing my country,
"I'll go eat this weird food.
"This blood sausage."
- I obviously don't really know much
about my ancestry, so I think it'll be really interesting.
- Basically the spectrum of like what Blackness can be.
I am the ultimate black person.
- I guess I have to spit into this tube
and it is going to be sent to a lab.
- [Voiceover] Spit to fill line.
- That's a big ass vial.
I have to spit to right here.
- Ew.
- Ew.
- I honestly, like, don't know if I can do this.
- How do you do this?
Listen I don't have time.
(breathes loudly)
- Oh, oh my god!
- Ah!
- I hate spit!
- There's food in there.
- [Voiceover] Oh!
- Oh my god, what the fuck do I do?
- Tell me where I'm from.
- And now we just wait, like,
six to eight weeks or something for it to come?
- I am a genetic counselor,
and I work at 23andME,
and today we'll be going over some ancestry results.
You ready to go?
- Oh, I'm ready.
- [Erynn] Overall 50% East Asian and Native American,
and then when you look at that
it's 49.6% Japanese. - Okay.
- And the other 49.7% European,
Southern European, Italian,
- 31.7% Italian.
They couldn't say that I was conclusively half Italian
based on the results.
- And then the rest is broadly Southern European,
which doesn't necessarily mean
that it's not Italian.
- But you know what though,
it's like, with white people,
it's like they all think they're Italian.
There's like a bunch of random shit up there.
I mean, I'm going to say I'm half Italian
because my grandpa will freak out if I don't.
Regardless of like what the genetic breakdown is
like, being an Italian American is something that's like
bigger than blood.
- So this is showing you,
that you are 99.9% European.
- Wow.
- And it looks like 36% British or Irish,
20% or so French and German,
9.9% Scandinavian.
- I'm not like shocked by that,
but I've never been like,
"Oh, I'm part Scandinavian."
I feel like I just learned that I'm a basic white girl.
Not that exciting.
Literally 99.9% European.
- [Erynn] So let's see.
99.7% European.
- So, yeah.
- 57% Eastern European,
26% North Western European,
and then just half of 1% British and Irish.
11.6% Broadly European,
we're really just can't dig down any further.
- Okay, yeah, that scans.
I'm just a basically, just a white guy.
I'm a little disappointed.
I thought I might be something cool.
I'm just a white guy.
- I'm actually like super nervous.
- 71.9% East Asian and Native American.
51% Japanese.
- 51%, That's interesting.
- 51.1
- DNA guys, it's crazy.
How possible is Jurassic Park?
What the fuck?
Wait a second.
Where's the Mexican in this?
When I saw that the screen said no Mexican on it,
I freaked out a little bit.
Holy shit!
Wait, is that like completely not there?
- There's not a stretch of DNA for Mexican.
Like the population of Mexico is made up of
other populations.
- Erynn pretty much told me that
the 23.2 South European
and then even the six point whatever
of Native American could be inferred to be Mexican.
I mean, it can't be conclusively said
that it is Mexican, but it can't be said that it's not.
- Do you think you'll share that with your family?
- So when I tell them like,
"Hey dad, you're not as Mexican as you thought"
He's going to be like, "Bullshit son!"
You know, like, how like dad's talk to kids.
And as for the 1/8th Filipino,
10% said that I was from Southeast Asia,
in Southeast Asia is the Philippines.
I would definitely recommend this for people
who are multi ethnic, like me.
And yeah, you may find out some crazy truth.
- I like can't stop rubbing my hands.
- We can see that you're 97.5% Sub-Saharan African.
So you can see the majority is West African.
- That makes sense.
My dad's Nigerian,
but my mother's side of the family
is from the Caribbean.
- Other than Native Americans, for example,
there's really no one who's from the United States.
- Yeah. - [Erynn] Right.
- Yeah.
- So the Caribbean is kind of similar.
It's an area where everybody has come from somewhere else.
- Got it.
- So we can also see that
there is some European ancestry as well.
- Whoa.
- Yeah, I'm going to tell everyone.
I really enjoyed the whole experience.
I think it's really interesting to find out
the unique things that make you you.
Like down to like your DNA.
- This must be a very exciting for people
from a culturally diverse background.
- I didn't even notice I'm 1.5% West African,
which is crazy.
- Us white people, we get enough excitement.
- I've never really thought of ancestry
as a catalog of boning throughout history.
- A combination of boning and migration.
- I just wanted to hear you say boning.
- That's really the only thing I was getting at.
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We Took A DNA Test • The Test Friends

807 Folder Collection
徐志任 published on February 5, 2016
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