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So we're just going to go over some of the main things we look at for the hang power clean.
Go ahead and pick up that bar. From the hang can really be anywhere that's above pulling it from the ground, but
generally where we're meaning is about mid-thigh because that gives that athlete good leverage,
and when they're in this position, if you're looking from the side, you see a good neutral spine here,
he's engaged in the erectors, and he's really good right here in that he doesn't have the knees
way forward in a squatting motion, but slight bend in the knee and
the hamstrings are real engaged. If he put that bar down there,
this is where we would want him to do a vertical jump from—boom—so
this is a great position to get up, jump and shrug, which is what a clean is,
and then get that bar up to the rack position. So
this is what we'd be looking for. Go ahead stand and relax.
So that's one thing. And we want the hook grip on there especially with this workout where we
had 15 cleans and they're coming down from the hang, we want that hook grip on there.
If they're gripping without the hook grip, they're really going to feel that in their forearms big time.
So from that position—the mid-thigh position, which is probably the most advantageous position to pull from—
he's going to jump and shrug and rack that bar up.
into a front-squat position. Good extension of the hip. We talk
about that at the Level 1s all the time—that hip extension
is so crucial to moving this weight and to get it moving vertically.
And then when he brings it back down for the next rep—just bring it down to the hang—boom!
Look at this position. Instead of getting pulled and rounded out
right in here, perfect position to go again. And so you can
cycle two or three reps and you can see he doesn't lose that position when he comes down, boom, and he holds it.
Very smooth and getting that hook grip back in on the way down.
That's the big things we're looking at. And then the last thing, the real tendency in this is that the weight's coming
forward and you get pulled forward on the balls of the feet and so you'll
see the athlete losing, so as the bar comes down here, the hips
and butt go back to that hip-hinge position, kind of like returning a deadlift,
we want to have the weight on the back part of the foot right here.
Real important. And then he can jump out of there, jumps off those heels
—smooth. You'll see someone forward on the balls of the feet and they'll be jumping forward the whole time.
Nice job, man.
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The Hang Power Clean with Stephane Rochet

1119 Folder Collection
Johnnys published on February 4, 2016
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