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When you drink tea, like what do you think about?
Honestly, I think like, tea is therapeutical, man.
Tea Time Around the World - Taste Test
I'm just a hot blooded American, you know.
I prefer coffee I think.
I love tea. I drink it every day.
Drink some (beep) juice.
This looks like a pool in Brooklyn.
Hey, cheers.
This is exciting.
It's slightly bitter, very earthy undertones.
I like it.
It kinda reminds me when you had tea parties when you were younger,
and I would just eat the sugar cubes.
Is this like antioxidants?
It's probably good for your digestive system.
Yo, Japanese people know a lot of stuff.
Whew, I am liking what I see here.
Oh, so it has a lot of milk?
Here comes the bubble guts.
You're lactose intolerant?
I think so, dawg.
Hmm mm, but it's all good.
Mmm, that is so good.
I don't know if I like this biscuit thing?
You don't like it?
It's really sweet, and you'll love it.
The texture of this actually kind of reminds me of biscotti.
Is it worth the consequence?
Brits love their tea.
And we did too, and then we dumped it all in a harbor.
Now we like coffee.
Cheerio, tip top.
It's so good.
I didn't realize this was an English muffin.
I thought this was like a natural like bagel.
A natural bagel?
The ones that grow like on the bagel tree?
The one thing about Brits is they have weird names
like clotted cream.
Did you just eat a mouthful of balls?
It's so good.
It's also like a fun activity.
I did not expect them to be this texture.
Swallow it?
Swallow it.
Debbie, swallow it.
A sugar free gummy bear that's a ball.
I think that this would be great on a date.
I disagree.
You guys, try something new.
Drink some tea.
Take it easy on the milk.
Yo, you ever had black tea before?
You ever had black tea?
You ever had that black tea?
That black tea though.
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People Try Tea From Around The World

30311 Folder Collection
Shirley Huang published on February 7, 2016    Shirley Huang translated    Vivi Lee reviewed
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