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  • Hey Trevor. How's your day going? It's going pretty good. How's your day going?

  • Not too good. Miller gave me a hard time about getting my homework done. I just don't have

  • time with being cheerleading captain and all. You know what I mean?

  • Yeah totally.

  • Hey Amy. Oh, hey Brooke.

  • Looks like we're starting a new lab today.

  • Yay. How exciting. I hope Mr. Riggi lets us pick our new lab partners.

  • Yeah. I don't think I could survive another

  • lab with Julia. Well, I guess we'll see.

  • Alright class! Today we will be starting a new lab. It's gonna be about different elements

  • on the periodic table. I know I've been letting you pick your lab partners in the past, but

  • today I will be giving you new lab partners. Your lab partners will be as follows. Julia

  • and Brooke. Marti and Jim. Jon and Adam. Stephany and Mary, and Amy and Trevor.

  • Good luck. Alright, head to your lab stations. I will

  • be passing out your assignment in a second.

  • So it looks like we're lab partners this time around. Yeah, looks that way.

  • So, where do we begin?

  • You're friends with her, aren't you?

  • Who Amy? Yeah. I guess you could say that. Wow. How do you do it? Just looking at her

  • makes me want to vomit. I just found my next Tweet. Do you follow me on Twitter?

  • No. You should. Everyone follows me. I have the most followers in school.

  • Add me. Okay. What's your Twitter name?

  • Princessjulia01.

  • Oops.

  • Excuse me. Thank you. Watch out.

  • Oh, you don't need to . . . Oh, sure I do. What are lab partners for?

  • Thanks! Yeah, sure. You're welcome!

  • So, I started following Julia on Twitter. You did? Why?

  • I don't know. She kind of talked me into it. But I saw all the stuff she was posting about

  • you. All the mean stuff . . . What do you want me to say? I don't know what

  • I ever did to her, but she just feels the need to pick on me, and now I'm stuck working

  • with her boyfriend in Chemistry. Yeah, I have a bad feeling about that whole situation.

  • So, Babe. What do you think of your new lab partner?

  • I don't know. She seems nice enough to me.

  • What's nice about her? I don't know.

  • No. What do you mean? What's nice about her? She just seems like a nice girl, that's all.

  • Look, don't get mad, but I'm going over to her house on Friday to work on our project.

  • What? Yeah, she texted me about it.

  • She's texting you now?

  • Listen here you little skank. You better stay away from my man, go it?

  • I don't know how you put up with this trash, seriously.

  • Amy, are you alright?

  • Amy? Is that you?

  • Look, I know what's happening on Twitter.

  • I don't want to talk about it. Just leave me alone.

  • Just so you know, I think it's terrible, all the stuff they're saying about you.

  • It doesn't matter. There's nothing anyone can do about it anyways.

  • Hey! What's up? What's wrong?

  • It's Amy. What about her?

  • Look at Twitter.

  • Who's doing this?

  • Julia. Why?

  • For some reason she's always had it out for Amy, and then today Mr. Riggi made Amy and Trevor

  • lab partners. Uh oh.

  • Yeah and to make matters worse, they started texting about the project, Julia saw it and

  • got really, really angry. That doesn't sound good.

  • It sounds like Julia!

  • Who do you think you are? Stay away from my man.

  • I'm the captain of the cheerleading squad. I could ruin your life. Do you understand that?

  • Girl! Girls! Enough! Both of you. My room, now!

  • Come on, my room.

  • So how'd it go?

  • I think I got her straightened out.

  • You okay?

  • I just don't know how much of this I can take? Basically the whole school hates me.

  • No. The whole school does not hate you. It's a bunch of immature kids on Twitter. I'm gonna

  • go to the office and take care of it right now. Alright?

  • Hey. It's gonna be alright.

  • Thanks.

  • For what? Miller told me what you did.

  • We all know how Julia is. I saw what she was posting about you on Twitter. Besides what

  • are friends for? Who would've thought something as stupid as

  • Twitter could ruin my life? Hey, hold up.

  • What? It's not all bad. Look!

Hey Trevor. How's your day going? It's going pretty good. How's your day going?

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