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Lots of girls very jealous. You got to snog Douglas Booth.
I know, I know.
So the film's caused more controversy than Miley Cyrus' twerking. It has an epic cast.
We've got Russell Crowe, Ray Winston, Douglas Booth and Emma Watson. But we've only come
here to ask one question, and that's to Emma. What's it like snogging Douglas?
You know, I've actually done incredibly well. I got to snog Logan in The Perks of Being
a Wallflower and now I've kissed Douglas in this, so I've been very lucky. Very lucky.
Yeah Emma, you're just a tad lucky. And Douglas, how was it for you?
I have to snog a lot of people in movies, and it's just you have to get on with it and
do it, but knowing each other definitely and trusting each other and having that sort of
caring about each other and trusting each other, you don't worry about it so much.
Logan Lerman also stars in the film, and it seems he was pretty pleased with all the female attention.
Logan, the girls are loving you here. I've seen proposals, people screaming your name.
Can you ever get used to it or is it just you know whatever?
It's surreal, but I'm very appreciative that people have been so nice, you know?
Then Noah himself rocked up.
Very physically demanding film. Very. Almost as physically demanding as your job being
trampled by your own cameraman. Repeatedly.
Oh Russell, you're so caring. So what do you think about our two favourite Brits?
Fantastic. Emma's wonderful. Douglas is just a very well brought up young man, and he's
always prepared and he's very charming.
Emma and Douglas aren't the only Brits in the film though. Yeah, we also caught up with
Ray Winstone, and it wasn't long before the conversation turned a bit weird.
Yeah, I like animals. I mean I don't sleep with them, but I like animals yeah.
I believe you talk to a pig. Is this true?
Absolutely. I'll get more sex from him sometime.
Yeah, that's not very gangster Ray. Noah hits UK cinemas on the fourth of April.
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Noah premiere: Emma Watson and Douglas Booth on snogging each other

879 Folder Collection
Sylvie MA published on February 3, 2016
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