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- Well hello everyone my name is Tyler Oakley
and today I wanted to make a little video because
I wanted to make a video,
and I'm allowed to make a video
if I wanna make a video.
I don't know why I just like froze.
What if I did a whole video like frozen?
(music from Frozen movie)
Not like Frozen,
but like frozen.
I'm not gonna be frozen for this video,
because lord knows I can't not speak with my hands
it's one of those things about me that I can't help,
but I'm gonna embrace because it's like
a quirk of mine
and I'm gonna embrace it okay?
Because that is the point of this video.
I wanted to make this video because I saw a tweet
and I'm just gonna read it is that okay?
It's from a user on Twitter named dailytroyler
I'm not coming for you,
I thought this tweet was hilarious
I love you period.
But the tweet was,
"My favorite thing about Tyler Oakley is his different
"sized nostrils"
And when I saw this tweet I was like
do I have different sized nostrils?
Like there's some things that you read and then you
kind of like have like a
"Is that true?"
about yourself
And i literally I read it,
I was sitting at my computer,
I read it, I thought for a second,
I got up,
went and looked in the mirror,
and I looked at myself and I was like
"Maybe I do have different sized nostrils,
"Maybe this nostril's bigger than this nostril."
And it's like one of those things where I just,
I guess I didn't know me as well as
you guys may know me.
But it kind of opened my eyes to the subject
of imperfections and how nobody's perfect.
Everybody that exists has something that they
might be insecure about
or might be like not so happy about themselves
or something like that.
And I guess like seeing that I was like
"You know what?
"I'm fine with it."
Like I don't need to have a completely symmetrical face.
Or maybe I have a little bit of a gut sometimes,
or like love handles,
or I have really big thighs,
like that's a thing.
I would show you but um I'm not wearing pants right now.
I could show you!
Who cares,
maybe I'll just show you.
This is my,
see there's a,
this is my leg,
you can't really see the effect of how big my thigh is.
Hello, what's up?
But yes I've always thought I've had big thighs,
and I kind of went on a rant about it the other day
'cause I was like "You know what?
"I have big thighs and I love my big thighs
"and if you have big thighs that's great.
"Embrace your big thighs,
"and if you have small thighs that's great too.
"And if you have no thighs, that's great also.
"Like whatever your thighs are like embrace them."
And everyone was like,
"Are you drunk?"
And I was like "No I'm not drunk.
"The only thing that I am drinking is body positivity.
"And ya'll should be too."
And I talked about this a little bit on the podcast,
but I wanted to get a video about it
on my YouTube channel too.
Because I was like you know what?
Everybody has things that they're insecure about,
and everybody has things that they might not
necessarily love about themselves.
But the trick to life is embracing those things.
I could easily not make a video today
because I have a pimple right here
but I'm like who cares?
Like at the end of the day,
are you gonna thumbs this video down
because I have a pimple?
If you do you're a dick!
Like that's not nice.
I guess if there's a takeaway,
you're fine.
My nostril may be big over here
and small over here,
and I'm still breathin' in and out
through those nostrils okay?
Like it's not the end of the world.
That's it.
I hope you guys have a fabulous life.
If you like this video give it a thumbs up.
And let me know in the comments below,
what is one thing that you are insecure about maybe,
but you want to start accepting,
because who cares?
Let me know in the comments,
I cannot wait to hear,
and I'm gonna give you some love,
I'm gonna be replying to the comments,
and if you like this video give it a thumbs up.
If you wanna see my latest video click right there.
If you wanna hear my latest podcast click right there.
It's hilarious,
it's all about celebrity gossip.
We talked everything from like Taylor Swift
to Snoop Dogg to Lady Gaga to Troy Sivan,
everything Katy Perry,
Super Bowl,
Click it, enjoy it.
Let me know what you think.
If you wanna be my person of the week,
click right there.
And yeah that's all I have for you guys today.
I hope you have a fabulous life
and I will see you guys next time.
Hello, what's up?
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1753 Folder Collection
奧丁 published on February 2, 2016
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