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  • I think that among the things that prevent us..

  • from acting is the fear

  • of failure...

  • and if you've already failed, you don't wanna fail again.. the pain of that..

  • The disappointment..

  • Many of us don't act because we want others' people approval

  • We want everybody to like us and to accept us...

  • We are settling for less than what we actually deserve...

  • We don't feel good about it, but we make it work in our minds

  • We will come up with some kind of an excuse to make it alright.

  • Most people like to feel like they are king in the area of their comfort zone.

  • They only wanna do those things that they know how to do well..

  • So there are many reasons why we don't act.

  • The other thing though that affect us

  • is that - Not wanting to take personal responsibility..

  • We want somebody else to do it and that's not possible..

  • And when you go through life like that... something in you dies..

  • You need to start asking yourself some questions - What do I really really truly want?

  • Don't wait around for things to be just right..

  • Don't wait for things to be perfect

  • Don't wait for the ideal situation, it will never be ideal...

  • Today this opportunity that you have - it might not be here next year,

  • it might not be here the year after next.. it might not be hear the year after that..

  • This is the only moment you got..

  • And what you will find then when you decide to act

  • when you decide to take life on

  • and let me warn you.. it can be painful...

  • it will be uncomfortable and that's where the growth is

  • Never be satisfied with yourself, always know that as you invest the effort and time on you..

  • that is the greatest ability that human beings have above animals.

  • See a dog can be anything but a dog..

  • Tree can be anything but a tree..

  • Human being you've got unlimited potential..

  • You can put effort on you and by concentrating on you and developing you...

  • You can transform your life wherever you are right now...

  • Many people will leave the universe without a trace...

  • No one will know they were here..

  • What will you leave, what will be different because you came this way?

  • Listen to that still small voice within you

  • Don't try and make everything logical

  • There are some things about life that defies logic.

  • See there is some good out there for you in the universe.. that has your name on it

  • and nobody can get your good

  • it has your name on it... they can't take your stuff, it's your stuff..

  • So when you know that..

  • When you know that whatever you are seeking is also seeking you..

  • You don't worry, you don't run scared

  • You don't think somebody is going to take it from you..

  • You've got to say - Yes.

  • - Yes to my dreams..

  • - Yes to me!

  • Yes!

  • I can make it..

  • Yes, I can.

  • You don't need anybody to approve your dream..

  • it was given to you, if they can't see it it's because it wasn't given to them...

  • It was given to you!

  • You gonna get thrown to the ground again and again and again....

  • but when you have determination..

  • and you know that what you are doing is right..

  • it gives you YOUR LIFE.

  • It gives a special meaning and power to you..

  • I refuse to be denied..

  • and I am gonna go all out..

  • I am going to be relentless.. I don't care how many No's I encounter..

  • Doesn't matter how many failures I've made..

  • Doesn't matter how many mistakes I've endured..

  • Doesn't matter about my defeats..

  • Doesn't matter about what I've done..

  • YES!

  • YES!

  • YES I CAN!

I think that among the things that prevent us..

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