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  • I mean when we bought our bed--

  • Oh my god! Wait, are you two a couple?

  • Yeah. Yes, mm-hmm.

  • I thought you were brothers.

  • Nope. No.

  • Are you sure you're not brothers?

  • Yep. Pretty, pretty sure.

  • Yeah? Not brothers.

  • Not brothers. Nope.

  • Which one's the guy and which one's the girl?

  • We're both guys. Right right okay.

  • But like, you know.

  • Do you two just check out guys together all the time?

  • Yes.

  • Oh my god you guys are getting married?

  • I've never been to a gay wedding. Can I come?

  • Um, we just met you.

  • Oh I don't mind.

  • We were thinking of starting by painting the living room first.

  • Oh! What color do you guys think we should go with?

  • Um, I don't know what colors do you like.

  • Oh, uh, well we had talked about... pewter?

  • Yeah. yeah. Is that a good color?

  • Why are you ask--

  • You know, my cousin's gay, Terry.

  • Do you know Terry?

  • Yeah, gay Terry.

  • Everyone knows gay Terry.

  • You guys, I need to pick out an outfit for the company Christmas party. Will you help?

  • Why are you asking u-- ah, oh.

  • Alright, just checking on your room.

  • Um, two queens? Wha--?

  • He's talking about the beds.

  • So when you guys are on a date like this, who pays?

  • So when you guys slow dance who leads?

  • Who plans the brunch place, do you guys take turns?

  • We own a brunch restaurant chain.

  • Of course you do. Yeah of course.

  • But you guys just wear each others' clothes right?

  • Actually that we do. We do that.

  • That's great.

  • I need a new gay best friend, will you be my new gay best friend? Please?

  • We just met you.

  • You guys don't watch Real Housewives?

  • Are you sure you're gay?

  • We're pretty sure.

  • Are you gonna have gaybies?

  • I'm sorry what? Gay babies.

  • Can I be your surrogate, our babies would look so--

  • We just met you.

  • So if you guys have kids, are you gonna let them play sports?

  • Why would we not let our kids play sports?

  • I don't know, I just thought, like, musical theater and stuff plays, dances.

  • Who's the twink and who's the leather daddy? Wow!

  • Who wants weiners, you guys right?

  • Oh, will you be my escort to the gay pride parade?

  • I mean, you need a gay to get into one of those things right?

  • You do, you need a gay to get in and yes we will go with you.

  • Oh you're gonna be my gaykeeper.

  • Judy Garland. Seen it.

  • I know who Judy Garland is. Do you?

  • Are you sure you're gay? Pretty sure.

  • Are you gay?

  • That's a really sensitive subject.

I mean when we bought our bed--

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Weird Questions Gay Couples Get

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