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>>> Iowa public television is
the home of the Iowa high school
union athletic girls volleyball
All five classes, all of the
action, the victory, and the
See it live, on air or IPTV.ORG,
Friday morning at 10:00.
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>> It's time for state
championship volleyball, here
from cedar rapids, Iowa public
television brings you the Iowa
high school girls athletic union
state volleyball championships.
Class 5 A we have ANKENY
centennial taking on the top
ranked BETTENDORF bull dogs.
What a match up.
>> That is right.
We've got the top team and
second ranked team in the state
going at it here, today.
>> When you look at the match
up, these two met in the semi
finals but BETTENDORF won there.
>> They've done an amazing job.
Only 5 A team to be undefeated
in the state
They want a repeat.
And ANKENY centennial wants them
off that podium.
>> Playing to great success,
>> They're led by Jay Len
Williams, she's second in the
term in kills and first if kills
per game.
>> They're here from BETTENDORF
ready to cheer on their bull
And centennial coming in full
force as well for this 5 A
championship game.
Bull dogs number 1, and 43 and
And first appearance for them in
the championship game.
What about Diane LICHTENBERG
trying to get it done.
>> Good morning.
Iowa girls high school athletic
union on honors an Iowa coach
who demonstrated a successful
career while making notable
contributions towards school,
community and profession.
Presenting the plaque is Mike
Dick and administrators.
The state wins from ANKENY.
He's guided 21 teams to state
tournament berths and coached
six teams to state tournament
He just finished his 15th season
He won state championships in
2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009.
Davis had over 50 players go on
to play collegiate volleyball.
Two players have been inducted
into the hall of fame, seven
named to elite all state teams.
Dave has been named Iowa coach
of the year four times, regional
coach of the year six times,
2014 Iowa nominee for national
volleyball coach of the year.
Last summer he was inducted into
high school coaches association
hall of fame.
Dave has been active in Iowa
girls coaches association and
served on several committees.
Dave and his wife are the
parents of four daughters,
ladies and gentlemen, 2014 IGS
golden plaque of distinction
from ANKENY, Dave WIMS.
>> Good morning, ladies and
gentlemen welcome to the U.S.
cellular center in the 2014 Iowa
state high school tournament in
this class five A championship
Now, let's meet the teams,
first, nonstarters for the
BETTENDORF bull dogs, number
three, Rachel TUBBS.
Number six Carly SCHEIB.
Number 12, Emmy SKEEN.
Margaret Micka, SHANDa
westerKAMP, Maggie RUNGE,
assistant coaches Mike grannen,
lowera hays and now, the
starters for bull dogs, Josie
Catherine BAER.
Mayingen sharky.
Daniel pennington, Maggie rungy.
And head coach Diane
Number four, Kylie Macky.
Savannah Johnson, Kristin UTLEY,
Hailey matter, AMARA chappaLEAR,
Olivia COE and Meredith SIECK.
And now, the starters for the
Number seven, Lauren RIECK.
Clara hill, JAALI winters and
three, JORDYN RITman.
Here are the officials first
referee is Vines workman,
second, marte Smith.
Line judges gene STOTlander and
Suzanne Janeson.
Ladies and gentlemen, members of
the high school coral will now
sing our national anthem.
>> We're ready for state
championship volleyball.
Here at the U.S. sell YU LAR
Looking at the roster and for
the Jaguars it will be Griffin,
Johnson, V.I.P. OND, PIERson and
Olivia COE on the outside.
And they didn't lose a set since
September 13th, dominance here
on the road to the state
>> That just speaks to their
ball, how well they played
together and coach built a
dynasty there at BETTENDORF.
We'll see that today.
>> Happy against Johnson
yesterday they had to rally,
come back and defeat dragons to
get back to the state
For centennial, it's been an
easy road if you will, very
strappy group of players.
To get here to the state
championship it's number one
versus number two.
First volleyball play belongs to
BETTENDORF serving with alley
Who has been having a phenomenal
season so far.
And right away, ANKENY
centennial's JAALI winters will
get the title point.
>> I start with her to give
BETTENDORF a taste of what
they're going to see today.
>> Here is SAVANA Johnson,
playing in the first-ever state
championship come out, have a
lead here early on.
>> And lost to BETTENDORF so pay
back point feel too bad for the
>> BETTENDORF goes with the
And the bull dogs get a side
And they're going to have let
sharky serve here.
She has a killer serve.
Three aces so far here at the
state tournament.
>> Nice side on. That she's deep
enough in the court if the ball
is over your head, it's probably
going out.
Good call on that by sharky.
>> There is the steal for
Scored two in the scoring.
Side out.
ANKENY centennial.
>> We saw it with winters.
That time, you know, VIPon was
there hitting off the hand.
So the defense of bettendorf
could not hit the ball.
>> This group has won 15
straight matches coming into
this game.
They've been on a roll since
losing Johnston about partway
through the season.
Winters, through the net by
>> One key to win this match is
that they need to stop JAALI
winters so they're probably
going to camp on her a little
There is the junior.
Right into the net for
>> Blocking is one of the feast
or famine skills, when it's on,
it can really create a lot of
energy and a lot of enthusiasm
for the team.
>> Here is Josie herbST.
And bettendorf maybe easy with
the front line.
>> It is not that easy.
We'll watch the replay here
again as the overpass just gets
tapped down by the bettendorf
>> And an error gives it to
So JAALI winters will be
You mentioned going to craton to
play volleyball.
She'll swing heart out of the
back row.
She's a threat no matter where
she is on the court.
>> Centennial ties this one up
at five apiece
Opening set of a very busy day
here on Iowa public television
with state championship
>> Hands just weren't pressed
Any time you can get the ball
into hands and try to shove it
off it's going to be beneficial
for the hitter.
>> At bettendorf coming back.
And Maggie RUNGE ready to serve
That is what sharky will do,
keep it alive.
>> Good ball to net.
They're able to get one through.
>> When you're playing a team
you want to make sure you're
keeping them off balance.
Changing tempo is a way to do
>> That is blocked out.
>> Nice job on the block there
by Bailey and pennington.
It's just that centennial did a
nice job of making sure the ball
went out of bounds.
>> There is JORDYN RITman, the
best server.
And there is a net violation.
>> It's hard sometimes,
sometimes the ball smacks the
net into your arms.
You can't always not touch the
Plus, sometimes REFS don't call
it when you do touch the net.
Not that I know from experience
or anything.
>> A block back and a deep hit.
And they've been right blocking
at the line.
>> That is what you want to do.
Make sure that is the only time
you can contact the ball on the
other side of the net.
Make sure your arms are
penetrated over the plane of
that net.
>> Winters with a dig.
>> Bettendorf gets a hard-earned
>> Bettendorf going at the
bigger defender at the back row
which they think is a liability.
But winter's group is no
liability back there.
>> And quite a first game here
so far.
>> She's doing a nice job.
Outside hitters have to hammer
They're going to get a lot of
Any time you can get it through
the block it's a plus.
>> So Claire hill rotates in.
Perfect on the state tournament
33 attempts.
Make it 34 now.
So dangerous.
>> You'll see it's just not
quite there.
One of the reasons that we have
that is for players to go longer
but that is why you see players
in opposite colored jerseys.
>> That is a perfectly executed
She was pushed over the next.
She met the hitter where it was
contacting the ball.
>> Starting to favor the way
they're lined out on the court
on that front row.
>> When winters is up there, you
know that things are going to
are going to get aggressive up
She's one of the players in this
She stands at 62.
You know she's going to go out
interest to get blocks.
>> Diane LICHTENberg calling a
time out.
Bettendorf just called a time
out there.
Take a look this is
>> So Jaguars have got the lead
as we take a look for brackets
of the championship here.
A team beat them this year.
Back into play, strong in the
We've seen bettendorf across the
Centennial has been setting
Look forward to strong middle
blocker action.
>> Now, centennial the block
back and bettendorf.
Struggling against that front
It's a good run here by Jaguars.
>> Well, in -- RAURen RIECK is
also six feet.
>> There is winters.
>> Smart.
There just a junior showing some
And there is winters.
>> Running strong there.
She's gotten a few kills already
this match.
So look to bettendorf to keep
using that middle.
>> Ready to give it a wrister
>> Nice play.
She had a hole in the block that
Just means middle blocker had
not closed with a right side
blocker so what is supposed to
happen is they're supposed to
make a right side defense for
>> Going to talk about two team
that's can pass the ball well.
That is what we've seen so far.
There is a block back.
Now ripped on four straight.
Bettendorf so calm and composed.
Centennial rattle a little bit
A one-point game this, is a bull
dog squad that lost six seniors.
>> These seniors went ahead out
like the last two did.
>> Now, centennial.
What a hard charge there by
Olivia COE.
>> She did a great job.
>> 17-15, Jaguar was a lead
This is the first game, bet of
three and both did travel to
play different schools but not
on each other's schedules.
Pennington blocked back.
Jaguars get the point.
>> A lot of times any time the
ball goes into the net you're
going to have trouble getting it
out of the net.
There are keys you can use if it
hits high and rolls low or
bottom you get back up a little
But it's still difficult owe
play out of the net.
>> And pennington with a pass.
>> The set was so far outside.
It's considered out.
>> Centennial matching their
largest lead here in the first
A block in the net.
>> Nice job using every front
row player.
Tried outside, they ran the
Just keep working with it until
you get something that scores a
BAER again, this one.
A little action on the ball.
And able to get the point here
for bettendorf.
>> BAER did a nice job of
hitting outside of the blocker's
There is a space there that is
what scored a point.
>> A error by HERBST.
Jaguar was a lead.
There is the first game.
With a deep hit and
>> As going back to serve maybe
we should talk about that again.
The different uniform change was
made 10 or 12 years ago to keep
a rally going longer because
they're changing to it rally
So can only play defense.
Can't attack the ball.
Must play defense.
Other than that, they have to
play and don't count as a
>> Two good in this match up.
It's an ace for the bull dogs.
BAER serving again.
One of three serving captains
and a returning starter.
From outside block, back.
>> That time centennial coverage
of the block was just sucked in
too far
The ball was deep.
You need to keep someone back
there for the balls.
>> It's a one-point game, time
out taken.
Let's take a look at the keys to
this match today for the
What do they need to do?
>> Well, on paper supposed to
They need to play bull dog
So secondly, they need to stop
JAALI winters
Offense for centennial runs
through winters in front and
back row.
>> How about centennial?
>> Needs to play great defense,
defense wins championships.
They need to be ready for
anything and everything.
Bettendorf is going to throw
different speeds at them.
They need to serve aggressively
We've seen them use the middle a
If they serve they keep
bettendorf out of the system,
and takes options away.
>> After time out, 21, 20,
bettendorf has been down by four
Now trying to rally back.
And here comes COE with a tip
Now, to winters.
Good dig from the back row by
>> It's hard to make it perfect.
She contacted the ball
underneath it.
Rolled it over.
Just so the back row defender
couldn't get through it.
>> It's an A and how about this
There is a lead.
Here is Catherine BAER.
Going to be in.
>> Perfect spot.
You know?
In trouble aim for thors because
it causes a lot of judgment
Perfect spot.
>> Here is pennington.
Winters again.
This is going to be out.
>> Good plays to watch that
You know?
They're yelling out and just
watched and got on the line to
use the side line as a guide.
>> Pennington with a serve, and
an error.
>> Coach said pennington coming
off probably her play at 23.
Now, we're tied at 23.
Into the net goes centennial.
>> Yes.
>> Bettendorf went into the net.
>> Now centennial, 24-23, jags
got a win by two.
>> Awesome dig.
>> That is number 11 just in the
right spot at the right time.
She might have a broken nose
right now
>> Well, centennial talking
things over.
This year, the conference did
something different they'd never
done before.
It's conference tournament for
He said that type of action, and
the type of talent they have
used to be called metro league
helped them here in this
tournament run.
He feels it helped them here a
Put them in different positions
to see how they handle it here
in game one.
Winters, and a lot of action at
the net here.
And wow.
What a long point here?
>> Awesome valley.
>> I love everybody was being
>> Game point for centennial.
You want to talk about 4-2 for
The team tied at 24.
Got a win by two.
Long on the outside
>> This is awesome.
>> Here is the serve.
RUNGE been doing that all season
Just kind of steady and make
sure she gets the job done.
Great swing.
>> There is sharky trying to get
the advantage.
That is what she's trying to do
last time.
Beautiful angle.
Defense sucked in a little bit
She just hit that last feet on
the court over there.
>> Here is pierson.
>> If putting a block, they
would have been able to run
their middle.
And a time out taken here by
Here at the state tournament.
>> One great play, let's finish.
>> 1, 2.
Stay strong.
>> Centennial trying to battle
They had a four-point lead in
this game.
And the bull dogs, this is why
they're unbeaten and battled
back to try to take this first
T with the serve.
Setting up winters.
>> She likes to see her swing
just hit that ground.
It went down for a kill.
So great swing.
>> Pennington.
What a great block by Tasha
>> Game point blocked at the
ITO to pennington.
Sharky to pennington puts a hit
on it.
Winters holds it.
And to this side
Game one going to Olivia COE and
>> That is the way to start the
29-27 first set.
>> Sure to be a great day here
at U.S. cellular center in cedar
Game one goes to centennial
>> It showed strength and
On both sides and staying with
Keeping your composure.
It's so hard when the other team
comes back and has that set
It is a credit to both teams.
>> JAALI winters had her own
thoughts heading into this game.
>> I mean we've had three losses
this season.
Two to the same team.
You know, we overcame that.
Beat them the third time.
We've had a few obstacles but
come back from losses a lot
We know what it feels like.
>> JAALI winters has her team in
prime position here, they've got
a game lead over bettendorf.
You mentioned she's going to
play volleyball at CREIGHTON.
Due to injury she had to go to
the back row this year.
>> And she's one of those
athletes that can do it all.
I know that the coach at
CREIGHTON is a good friend of
mean, she's so excited to have
JAALI come play for her.
>> And adde Bailey had thoughts
about the match up.
>> We've practiced games and if
we ever got in this situation,
we'd be able know we can do it.
That helped.
It helps for tomorrow, too, if
we get in that situation.
We're just going to keep doing
it, again.
>> So bettendorf, it's been a
rough road, if you will compared
to regular season.
Mentioned they've lost four sets
now here at the statement
tournament prior to that, they
didn't lose a set since
September 13th but this team is
showing a lot of resilency.
Being down to come back and tie
it up and push it to a 29-27
>> Well, being in the gym with
the successful players they've
been in the gym with for three
seasons, that teaches you
composure and poise
How to react.
So that helped them a ton.
Like what she said SH they to
practice those situations
because they're not getting them
in matches so that is part of
coach's brilliance is making
sure that they're in those
situations one way or another.
>> Coach picked up her 600th
career victory.
Now trying to get her team ready
here for game two.
And it's pretty close.
So I'm not sure they'll make too
many adjustments
If I were them, I might look at
match ups and see which, you
know which blockers do I have
blocking winters?
Put my best blockers up there.
When she's going across she's
facing toughest blockers.
>> So we're ready to go here for
the second game.
First is a thriller again.
Just joining us, centennial won
Taking a one-game lead over the
top-ranked and unbeaten
bettendorf bull dogs trying to
become the next unbeaten team to
win a state championship last
was back in 2012.
Mount Vernon did it in 2010.
None ever in the large class.
To the middle, blocked back.
Right away.
There is Megan sharky getting
involved in the offense.
She's a senior, she knows what
is going on.
She's a junior, sorry about
She's been running the show.
She knows how to get her team
>> She made a college decision,
wanting to play at rut gers.
Came back with an ace now.
2-1, bull dogs with the lead.
And HERBST with a long hit.
>> It's difficult because you
need to make sure of where you
So pennington will be now
And Danielle now trying to have
another one here for bettendorf.
>> And V.I.P. OND does a nice
job on the slide.
V.I.P. OND goes off the hand
It's not just a ball hitting the
RUNGE with our sixth kill of the
Taking it at the front row.
This is the second set of the 5
A battle game.
>> They like to do more than
So with centennial can get their
passing game perfectly, we'll
see a lot more middle action.
>> It's all ignited by McKenya
Over a thousand assists this
And centennial gets the point
>> I think pierson doesn't get
as much credit.
She does a nice job of running
this team and making sure this
team is leading it.
>> Ask any player.
Middles don't get set enough.
You know?
You ask any player that is
That is what they'll say.
>> Winters deserved the Jaguars
on a 3-0 run.
>> That is a well formed block.
Finding it now to the outside,
centennial will take it to the
COE takes it to bettendorf.
And the middle.
That time the block was set up.
She tipped it back field.
>> Time out, here by bettendorf.
Jaguar was a lead.
Let's take a listen to coach
>> Make sure we wind them so if
you're not involved in a block
and you need to make sure it's
into the court helping defend.
That we're doing a nice pass.
Go right here, okay?
Identify hitters.
That is very important here.
Centennial has a lot of them.
>> They have a lot of them.
One of the keys to that is
knowing where the setter is.
When the setter's back row, you
can kind of cheat a little bit
on the blocking.
And sometimes they'll run plays
so that, you just want to make
sure you know where you're
>> Winters able to save it.
The shot handled by winters.
And COE handled for the lift.
So one of the members of the
media earlier back after
yesterday's win asked what have
you done for fun?
She said the team has been
focused they stayed in the hotel
room and just talked about
winning a state title.
>> That is what champions do.
>> Too cold to go outside.
>> Centennial will get the
>> I thought there was a TACH.
Then, an official did call the
Confirmed it.
>> Jaguars with 10-5.
There is some on the center of
the net.
>> I do think from reaction of
the bettendorf player it looked
like she thought she touched it,
>> This is the largest deficit
down by six in a set.
>> Amazing.
>> In that time out, get the
ball taken care of.
>> Now, a tip up.
Here is sharky with the dig.
>> Smart.
>> Yes.
>> And Jaguars get hard-earned
>> Here is the thought so she
took that second contact, pushed
it deep.
Nobody could get to it.
>> And there is Margaret Micka.
Here comes centennial.
Back in the middle by Bailey.
A five point game here.
At the net.
Net violation called against
centennial to bull dogs trying
to March back into this one.
Here is Bailey on the serve.
>> That is almost to us.
It wasn't hit hard but that just
went off the hand wrong.
One of the weapons that you want
to serve short is because it
messes up quick hitter pattern.
>> That one is going to be in
for bettendorf.
>> I'm not sure it wants a job
of a line judge.
>> Here is sharky.
And hill with eight.
Sharky can deliver the serve P a
number of ways.
That one was more of a knuckle
ball coming off Jaguars
Those balls come at you faster.
All you need to do is get the
platform to get that spin.
>> Pennington nearly took out
the set on her ankles
Four-point advantage here for
Took the opening set 29-27.
And SAVANA Johnson will be now
>> Bettendorf rattles.
>> That is one way.
Just cut it over the block.
Nice tip.
Now, pennington will serve.
Side out.
>> Timing was off.
But that is what good athletes
are able to do.
To kind of fix it on the run.
Kept it alive there.
Now, winters just pushes it.
>> Yes.
>> It looked like she was strong
with that one.
That is too bad.
Four-point lead for Jaguars.
Betten TOEFSH now serving with
Maggie RUNGE.
And winters at the line.
Nothing doing.
And the bull dogs get a hard
earned point there.
>> When try toing make come
backs, points do seem harder.
Once getting rolling that helps
momentum swing back their way.
Things like that will help.
>> At the net, BAER put it
And wow.
>> And a net violation called on
So it would have been
centennial's ball.
>> Unbelievable job of setting
here today
Set back over.
Now, bettendorf gets the side
>> Good job using the block.
We've talked about that.
That is a skill you work on so
nobody can dig it.
It's very, very tough to
practice that.
>> Coming to winters from the
back row.
Winter was a canyon shot.
>> She's, I mean, obviously this
is the last match of the season.
They've been doing that for a
She's so confident and that is
so perfect and right on the
She's one of the best back row
hitters we'll see in this
Now, perfect.
Centennial's playing
player-backed tee fence meaning
corner are wide open.
So HERBST just put it in that
golden corner.
>> Coming back here to the near
Now to the near side.
That is a stick kill of this
>> COE looks like she sees the
block well.
Many players can see the block.
It does look like she is one
that can.
>> Pennington and pierson
getting involved in the net.
>> That is a nice block.
>> Another look at that block.
>> It's got to be A-game right
A plus mark.
Let's go.
So bettendorf, coach trying to
keep her teams, I guess emotions
up here.
Now serving.
To the middle
>> And some ace here for
bettendorf and ADDY Bailey.
Back here to the near side.
>> How quickly momentum changes.
>> 20-18, bettendorf, a
resilient bunch battling back
from a six-point deficit to come
within two here.
And pennington getting a shot
>> Yes.
>> Into this bench.
Listen back on the one.
>> And you don't always remember
in the back row.
So here we go.
We'll see it.
>> That is the rule.
The rule on that is any back row
player has to attack the ball.
They have to take off from
behind behind the line
They can land in front of it but
have to nake sure both feet are
behind it when they take off.
>> Bettendorf able to pull that
one across.
Here is winters.
And now she's in the front row.
Trying to win the first ever
>> And it was called a lift.
And rightly so.
>> Now, to winters.
It's a block back by RUNGE.
Winters hits a high point.
Block is solid.
Look at this vote within one.
And they're getting their MOJO
>> Therefore you have to know.
That would have been a kill for
>> Looking for the third
straight championship.
Here is winters.
We would have won, too.
>> Perfect timing she's been
hammering and hammering.
And into the middle of the
You know, you stand around,
>> Centennial serving with
Now back here to the near side.
It's a block.
Appears not only she can set,
but block as well.
>> That is her second really
poignant block of the set.
She was solo that time.
Game point here for Jaguars with
>> Now to, winters.
Going here to the near set,
Pierson to winters.
That is going to be long.
>> That is a difficult ball to
So, good point for bettendorf.
Way to win that rally with their
backs against the wall.
Here is pierson to winters.
Two game to one lead.
Bet hendorf bull dogs
>> What a hard ball to defend.
Perfect shot.
>> Now, IPTV brings you
highlights from last weekend's
2014 high school girls swimming
and diving championships.
Here is our good friend Paul
>> State swimming and diving
Enjoy our look at the big races
and amazing too close matches.
Maggie dans looking for her
fourth title but since the top
regional qualifier had the best
position on Friday night.
Park with a fourth place finish.
Catherine Miller edged out park.
Only two others have won
championships, great dive after
great dive.
Jaggy James.
Great performance.
JACINTA Thomas your 2014 Iowa
girls high school state diving
>> How does it feel to be
standing on top as a senior?
>> Feels good.
I worked so hard.
To get this title.
>> What dive do you think won
>> Tuck.
Hands down.
Best dive.
I haven't done it that well,
>> Here is how they finished in
>> So heading to our:30 set
So far, centennial taking the
first two.
They had a six-point advantage.
We take a look at the match
highlights here so far.
>> They're making their presence
That is one of the things you
want to do when you've got a
strong net game, you want to
make sure the ball stays on the
other team's side of the net.
Then you've got COE hitting all
sorts of angles.
She's just doing a nice job.
Six kills so far.
>> So here we go for this third
What they're trying to
Not a push over in bettendorf's
bull dozing way.
>> It looks like their service
strategy started differently.
That kills the momentum here.
>> We're ready to serve here for
SAVANA Johnson.
>> Sometimes, setter has to take
a swing, too.
She can do sneaky things.
>> Jaguars, now, if that is one
>> There is a touch.
>> Is that ball was out there.
Once made you can't change it
unless an official overrules it.
And he didn't.
>> Take any point you can get.
>> Yes.
>> Sharky had to scratch and
>> That time I couldn't tell
which number he said.
Nice swing.
>> That right power arm.
To jar that one right in the
middle of the defense
We're tied up at three.
>> You can see the block there.
So that leaves a wide open space
to hit.
On the serve, what a compliment
on that front row to bring 17
entering today.
And V.I.P. beyond in this match.
>> If they can count on that,
that is an awesome slide.
>> RUNGE will hit off the
middle, right side.
She's a steady pull dog.
>> And really, with this team is
winning tradition early on.
And here is pennington.
>> Every school district wants a
star, right?
>> Yes.
>> That kicked up.
Kept alive.
Are you kidding me?
Just ran into it on the point.
>> That is too bad
A great rally.
Let's talk about that kick a
little bit.
Kicks are not necessarily
something you see.
If there is no other way, you
can get it with a foot and it's
What a great play.
>> Winters, too, handling it.
>> Yes.
>> Lifting it up and deep.
>> Yes.
When someone does that it goes
off where.
>> And V.I.P. OND has a soccer
>> We probably should talk about
Centennial can -- some people
are like who is this ANKENY
centennial team?
They've been at the state
tournament both years.
It's an amazing story.
One of the reasons the
volleyball is so successful is
that the community has come
together and been a part of it,
playing a big part in making
sure it's separated correctly.
And Dave win was a huge part in
making sure that everything was
set up for success at both
>> The Jaguars right now are
flat out rolling
They have pinned down pull dogs
>> That ball looked like it's
floating and landed on the back
Everything going right for
centennial right now.
>> Bull dogs need a time out
after a 4-0 run.
8-4 Jaguar was a lead.
Listen into that happy bench
here of centennial.
>> Looks good.
A lot of times a player will
miss a serve.
If you don't serve your most
aggressive it's posh important
to keep momentum going.
>> That is just carried on into
the state championship game.
And when walking into the arena
today, their team met and said
they're ready for this one.
And have shown that.
>> They haven't seen the seats
or done anything.
They have stayed focused on what
a goal is.
>> Again with another good serve
in the middle.
Bailey had a block back.
ITO able to put it across.
And a net violation.
Now serving with Catherine BAER.
That one is in by Olivia COE.
They go from the right, left,
>> That is great
I thought it would be winters,
winters, winters.
They've done a nice job.
>> The way it was at the
beginning of the year.
Some really bouncing back and a
much-improved team.
Bailey, the jumper.
>> Then, you have that pesky
bettendorf bull dog gnawing at
>> They've not had one since the
first set.
Passing has been amazing.
>> Then, the ball overpasses a
little bit over the net.
She takes it and puts it away.
>> If you're just joining us,
they took this second 25-22.
And enjoying a lead here.
They're playing for history here
and a large class going for the
third title which is never been
done before in the large class.
And that is a net.
>> Good to see bull dogs smiling
a little bit.
Now to the middle.
It was too strong with a one
And serving here is SAVANA
Johnson with two aces already.
RUNGE, handled, there by the
>> Nice job of making sure bull
dogs having a chance at this
>> You're watching girls state
championship volleyball here on
Iowa public television.
This is a title game.
>> She looks like she's going to
get it straight.
Nice job changing up that angle.
>> Now, side out.
>> That is one thing you like to
see, an aggressive hitter.
>> Now, to the middle.
That was a well hit, hard hit
ball WHCHLT you're down the line
you're close to that hitter.
So is it's tough.
>> Now to the middle.
V.I.P. OND unable to deny BAER.
>> Block is giving room so the
back row defense cannot get to
>> And V.I.P. OND able to put
one down.
How important was it to
withstand that down by a point
late against bettendorf.
And able to come back and win.
>> I think that made the
And you know, then a little
confidence to roll with
confidence bettendorf will have
>> Bettendorf will try to handle
a little liftover.
>> No.
>> Bull dogs get the point here.
We've seen a good play.
That point might have been the
clunker of the night or day.
Olivia COE, strong.
>> Just too far outside of the
court but there is nobody back
there for defense.
>> BAER serving.
>> Official overruled it.
>> Just look out from replay.
>> So not been tied to
centennial just after the early
That block out.
>> Let me see if I can figure
out her number.
She has 11 kills.
>> Making it strong in the
Here is Danielle sharky for
And that is a hard line drive
and the Jaguars get the point.
>> I like the fact that
bettendorf is trying to make
changes and that kind of thing.
That is what they need to do.
>> And Bailey using a lot of
that front line.
Getting a ball and bull dogs
will not run to tie it up again.
18-17 the score.
No, now saved by ITO.
HERBST puts it across.
V.I.P. OND puts it through.
>> Credit to pierson for the
quick set.
So quick, so nice set.
>> 20-17, Jaguars with a lead.
Let's go to the bettendorf
>> They're doing a great job of
Make sure we're just reading
Then, defense just watch and
Yesterday we've talked about
being a smart team.
That is what we need here.
So blockers in that position to
get the ball to the hitters
Jaguars are doing it here.
In the third set.
>> So blockers supposed to take
an area of the court away.
She said that is not always
The defenders need to read.
What athat means is read where
the ball is in relationship to
the hitter, what the hitter's
body, what they're doing.
Making sure they're paying
attention to all of the little
things this hitter will tell
>> Sharkee will serve.
And how about that?
>> That is just so hard to
Blockers usually go too far out.
They move with the set and go
too far out.
So that is so effective.
>> Came up with an 8th kill here
at this game.
Match, excuse me.
Outside side.
>> It kind of felt like
centennial was just attacking
and able to get the point.
>> And a error by HERBST.
Jaguars within three points.
Within three points of winning
their first ever state
championship as a school here.
And winters at the trigger
Pennington locked out.
>> Beautiful play.
Bettendorf needs to do more of.
That more of the quicker attack
making sure they're passing
there so they can do that sort
of thing.
That was an awesome play
Set was right there.
Hitter just able to hammer it.
>> In this tip of the net.
Jaguars have an advantage.
Out of place just got a hand on
Able to get the blocker to touch
it and it went out of play.
Nice job.
>> Pennington.
Sharky with a push.
>> Now from the back, winters to
Back to BAER.
And blocked with the net.
How about that?
And how about this?
Championship point for ANKENY
>> The serve, the senior.
And bettendorf trying to come up
with a four-point rally.
This one, blocked.
I don't think I would have
predicted this one here.
>> I didn't.
>> Jaguars winning the class
five A championships three games
to none.
They knew they went back there,
>> It was the front HIEN today
that got it done in some
fantastic passing by McKenya
>> Good offense balanced well.
I think nobody expected JAALI
winters to be so even but what a
great job by the staff.
And players they did -- it was a
great match on their part.
>> This is just the first of
five state titles handed out
here today at U.S. cellular
The first one goes to ANKENY
Their first team title.
They swept bettendorf here
Now, we're awaiting the post
game honors which, the trophy
>> From bettendorf, Danielle
Kelsey Johnson.
Kristin stucker.
McKenya pierson.
Megan sharky.
And captain of the five A all
tournament team, JAALI winters.
>> Here is your class 5 A all
tournament team.
What a group
Let's go back now for the trophy
>> Bettendorf bull dogs and head
coach Diane LICHTENBERG.
Now, your 2014 5 A champions
coach Jessica RINEHART and the
Jaguars from ANKENY centennial.
>> Unbelievable finish on the
year, taking down arguably one
of the best programs in the
state of Iowa we've seen in a
large class.
And they fall just a match
>> I don't think anyone, like
you said, saw this coming except
maybe some of the centennial
coaches and players
They knew they wanted revenge
from last year and knew they can
do this.
They rolled.
>> And just passing too, in this
They're able to win this class
five A championship.
We take a look at it.
Bettendorf got it going but that
first set, at the early lead.
But, centennial won it 29-27 to
take the second set.
Then, 25-21.
Our next game will be coming.
What a match up in class 4 A as
HARLAN will take on west
>> Path to greatness starts
Iowa farm BURa believes in
Iowa's youth.
We're proud to be the title
sponsor of the Iowa girl's high
school athlete lick union.
When one rises we all rise to a
better Iowa. Whether you live
in rural Iowa or big city, Iowa
network services family of
companies and your local
provider are working together to
keep you connected.
By offering technology and
business solutions like internet
and data networking.
INS family of companies keeping
communities connected today and
>> Fareway with
bunny and FRITO lay is a proud
sponsor of the 2014 Iowa girls
high school sports championships
Fareway, proud to care for
places we work, and live.
By MUSCO lighting, the sports
lighting specialist.
Providing lighting systems for
you, your project and your
MidAmerican energy and their
energy advantage programs are
dedicated to increasing
awareness of energy efficiency
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5A IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

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David Huang published on January 30, 2016
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