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Hey guys it's Kim Dao here and welcome back to my channel. So in Japan for New Year's
day, lots of stores in Japan have something called a Fukubukuro which is a lucky bag.
So I went to Shibuya 109 and I bought 2 lucky bags so I'm gonna show you guys what I got
in them today!
So the first bag I got is from... INGU! I know it says INGNI but in Japan they're pronounced
as INGU (lol) which is really funny. But I got this massive bag and this was 一万円
which is just about $100. And then another bag I got was from Allamanda and I really
like this brand because everything is really cute but also not too cute at the same time.
So I got this bag as well and this was also 一万円 which is about $100.
So usually for lucky bags you do get good value with them because even though they are
quite expensive, about $100 you do get a lot of stuff in there. So in today's video I am
going to be unboxing the INGNI and Allamanda 2016 lucky bags! Also this is a try on haul
so I'm going to be wearing the items as well and showing you guys what they look like!
Ok so let's start!!
First off lets go through this INGNI bag and it's really really heavy~~
First item you get is this coat. I'm not too sure about this because I've actually got
a lot of creamy coats already. But it's actually a lot longer than the ones I've got. Usually
in fukubukuros I find that the quality isn't as great for most brands especially Liz Lisa.
So this kind of just reminds me of a Liz Lisa fukubukuro coat. It is quite cute and I didn't
bring a long cream coat to Japan so this will come in handy!
This black and white cardigan~ and this is quite cute. I was looking for something like
this so actually really happy with that.
I also got this floral skirt. This is usually a lot longer than what I usually wear but
still quite cute.
This really really cute dress!! And I thought this was a sweater at the start, but when
I opened it I was SO happy, it's sooo cute! I think this is going to be perfect for winter,
so I'm very very happy with this.
Next item is this sweater! And this also has a fake shirt kinda thing inside here. This
is something I usually don't wear but I'm really happy with this. My style has changed
quite a bit now, I am into more of the casual clothing but I still like wearing cutesy Liz
Lisa stuff from time to time. Actually most of my clothes that I bought to Japan with
me are all really cute Liz Lisa style clothes so I'm glad to have some simple clothes as
Another sweater and this has "Madison" written on it. I dont know... but I can see myself
wearing this.
Next item is this khaki sweater. And I love sweaters lately and this is going to be perfect
for winter!
I'm super happy with this next item. This is just a really nice top. I love stripy things!
Next item I find it a bit weird. But it just says "Change, no.9, perfumery made in Paris..."
and it's one of those long sleeved shirts. I probably will use this for pyjamas to be
honest I don't think I'll wear it out.
And then I got a short sleeved top and this is just.. "The change in the angle of view"I
don't know, I just, I don't really like wearing T-shirts with words on them so I will probably
just wear this as pyjamas.
And then I got a really cute pair of socks! It's got the brand on it as well on it.
And then I got a pair of jeggings in here! I'm super happy because I LOVE jeggings, they
are so comfortable! and I don't have this colour yet which is awesome! Thing is like,
it looks really really long....
Last item from the INGNI bag is this eco bag. Actually it's really good quality for an eco
bag. It's also got a pocket inside which you can put stuff in there. So yeah, I think I
will use this quite often. "Lover's good holiday, CHALLENGE, to the thing that is need in two
people with courage".....makes sense!!
Next lets unbox this Allamanda bag, and this is really heavy! So let's start! First item
is this grey coat and also comes with a hoodie. When I saw this... I mean it's cute but it's
really not my style and when I just tried it on, it just didn't suit me at all. So I'm
actually going to give this away to my friend Sharla.
And I got this black and white sweater with a turtle neck. I really really love this!
This is a bit of a weird top but it just looks like it's meant to be a vest or something
like that and you just tie this up into a bow at the back... I don't know... don't know
what I think about this...
I got this cute cardigan with short sleeves so this is good for summer I guess~
Next item is this long sleeve dark blue shirt and I really really like this. I actually
have something very similar to this but it has short sleeves so I'm really happy cos
I really love this colour and style clothes lately.
And I also got a belt, and I don't have this colour yet.
Got this long black skirt... and this is something that I usually would not wear... so I'm not
too sure how I feel about that either. It's really long but we'll see maybe I might like
And then I got this long grey cardigan. I really like this I don't have anything like
this and I've been looking for one... So yeah happy about that.
Last item is this plain turtle neck. So this will be good for winter.
So that is all from the Allamanda bag and to be honest, I mean I really like the brand.
So I was expecting the clothes to be a lot more cuter because when you go into the store
everything is so pretty and frilly and cute. But in the lucky bag everything is SO toned
down so I'm a bit disappointed. But the stuff I got was very wearable so that's really good.
The INGNI I'm very happy with. The clothing brand itself is really toned down and I really
like how cute but casual it looks. So I'm very happy with the INGNI bag.
That's it for my video hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know if you also a fukubkuro
as well and what did you get in it? Let me know in the comment box below! Also subscribe
to my vlog channel if you haven't yet for Japan vlogs! Also follow my social media which
I'll link right here and in the description box below. Thumbs up this video if you enjoyed
it and hope you guys have a happy new year! and I'll see you guys in the next video! Bye!!!
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Japan Try-on Haul: JAPANESE LUCKY BAGS イング福袋 | アラマンダ福袋

584 Folder Collection
Kim Dao published on January 26, 2016
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