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Hey guys, this is Max. Haven't had a video in a while so I thought maybe we could do
a shoe review. We got the LeBrons, we got the KDs and we got the Curry Lows.
First, let's take a look at the Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 9s.
So, open up the box. We got, here they are. (clapping)
The color is blue sword. There's a little LeBron sign on the front right there. And
also, a LeBron sign on the bottom. These shoes retail for $140. These shoes are made with
an innovative strap system and a lower profile. There's a lot of cushioning inside the shoe
for protection of impact. The traction for these shoes is very good, as it has little
hexagons on the bottom to give your foot good support on the court.
There is also a durable rubber element that helps you not slip on the court. According
to Nike, the innovative strap system provides 360 degree lockdown helping support your foot.
The sidewalls of the shoe wrap up higher but I think that these shoes are a little stiff.
The shoes might even restrict your movement. I'm not a big fan of the LeBrons but these
actually don't look too bad. They look like they have more support than
the other LeBrons that I've had before. These shoes also are a little more light.
So I would say these shoes are an improvement from the old LeBrons but still not great.
So why don't we move on to the KDs. Alright guys, now we're going to look at the
KDs. To be exact, these are the KD Trey 5 iii. Very confusing name.
Alright, so let's take a look at these. So I'll unpackage them, and look at them. And
they are like a reddish Pink. (clapping)
The color is like a university red. It's a nice change of pace if you aren't a fan of the KD low tops.
The mid-sole is rather similar to the KD 8s. There is a similar extended heel.
Continuing to the front of the shoe, there are large grooves in the fore foot.
But unfortunately, that's where the similarities end.
The counter heel helps lock your foot in place for stability. On the heel, you see a unique
graphic of plus signs. Who knows, maybe KD was a math teacher before he went into the NBA.
But the plus signs don't have to do with math. The plus signs are a reference to KDs
love of video games. The low lying strap helps provide a lockdown fit.
With the Nike Zoom technology in the sole, there is very good traction.
So now that we've talked about the structure of the shoe, I'm going to tell you guys about
my opinion. I had KDs before and they were a little lower than this. I don't think they
had good ankle support so I ended up selling them to a friend. Honestly.
These, I don't know if I would have them as a basketball shoe but I really like the coloring
of it and the traction doesn't look bad at all. It looks pretty good. I like them a lot
better than the low tops and let's move onto the Currys.
Finally, let's look at the Curry One Lows. Alright, so let's take a look at them. These
shoes are black and of course charged by belief. Under Armour tells us that the Curry Ones
are designed for the game's most unguardable players.
The charged cushioning absorbs impact. The AnaFoam upper gives the shoe a light weight
structure and support. I always wondered what the AnaFoam was.
The external heel counter will secure your foot and eliminate sliding. I totally agree with that,
you do not slide in these shoes. There is also the padding mesh tongue with
the Sports Center, nope, Stephen Curry logo that protects your foot and it's breathable.
And also the tongue will stay in place. Also, on the sides of the shoes, you'll notice dots
that are in the cushioning of the shoe. Alright now let's move on the traction of the shoe.
Again, as with all the Currys there is a lightning bolt with the Under Armour sign and there
is also little tiny arrows pointing in all directions that provide the shoe with really
good traction. I think this shoe offers really good control and is light. This shoe is the
least expensive of all 3 shoes at $110 retail. If I had to pick one shoe as my favorite I
would probably have the Currys as my favorite just because I'm used to them and even though
it is a low top I'm sure that it would provide just as much support as the other Currys.
My second favorite shoe would probably be the KDs just because of the fact that KD has
never come out with a high top shoe before and this is trying new things for him and
I think it's pretty good, I mean I've tried them on, they feel pretty good. And then my
least favorite shoe again would probably be the LeBrons.
LeBron is the most famous out of all these people but his shoes are the worst out of
all. Do you think that's ironic? Even though that's a fact, I still love LeBron
and the Cavs. Make sure to watch my next video as I'll be
reviewing some Kyries. I can't wait for the college and NBA season. Thanks for watching
my shoe review. Let me know in the comments section what you think about these shoes.
Subscribe below and until next time from Max Hoops.
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Nike Lebron Soldier 9, KD Trey 5 iii vs Curry One Low SHOES

3480 Folder Collection
王藝樺 published on January 22, 2016    李孟錡 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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