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  • It happenes deep in the mountains of Ibaraki.

  • Japan's most terrible and aberrant festival.

  • Surrounding this inexplicable festival

  • Many mysteries still remain unsolved.

  • In those forgotten hills of Ibaraki lurked a silent shrine.

  • At that place, every year, a secret winter festival is held.

  • It is whispered that, at this festival, and at this shrine, they celebrate Tengu as god,

  • and have done so since the Edo Period.

  • The Cursing Festival.

  • At men disguised as Tengu

  • The townspeople continually hurl abuse, pent up from daily grudges

  • Steadily spewing their anger

  • As they reach each shrine, the Tengu must endure the scorn of the townspeople, fighting tooth and nail to place their offering lest it get stolen by the masses.

  • After the Tengu have visited each of the 16 shrines The Tengu change to red faced masks

  • and step forth onto the balcony of Atago Shrine

  • The citizen's below frantically snatch and grasp at the offerings they throw.

  • Hell on earth.

  • Finally the horde shrieks, "Ohbakayaro" three times and the dark parade ends.

  • The ever mild mannered Japanese are turned into demons during this festival

  • So why don't you come try it for yourself?

It happenes deep in the mountains of Ibaraki.

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