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  • Schwartz, as I penetrate her wet--

  • Dr. Lester, while I'm flattered you would share your feelings with me,

  • Perhaps the workplace is not the most suitable environment for this type of discussion.

  • All right. You're right. I'll tell you what.

  • Meet me after work today at jerry's juiceteria on lex,

  • And I'll spill my goddamn guts for ya.

  • No, I won't be late, lotte. I just have to, you know,

  • Listen to lester's sexual fantasies and drink carrot juice for a while.

  • It's a job thing, really.

  • Yeah. So, I'll talk to you later, okay ? Yeah. You too.

  • Gotta go back to work. Okay, bye.

  • Hi. Do you know that I don't even know your name or where you work ?

  • Yeah.

  • Um... Okay, how about this ?

  • If I can guess your name in three tries, you have to come have a drink with me tonight.

  • [ sighs ] why not ? [ elevator bell dings ]

  • [ elevator alarm ringing ] okay.

  • You look like a...

  • Bar--

  • Ru--

  • Bell-- lu--

  • L-- carol--

  • Ta-- shar--

  • Susann--

  • Emm...Ily--

  • Mar...Lar--

  • Maax...Ine-- m-m-m-- maxine ?

  • Yeah ! Who told you ?

  • Nobody told me. That just came out. Isn't that odd ?

  • So where do you live and stuff ?

  • [ sighs ] I am dubious,

  • But I don't welsh.

  • Okay, meet me at the stuck pig, 7:00.

  • If you're late, I walk.

  • Nubile. Blonde.

  • Wet with desire. Me in leather.

  • A harness, if you like.

  • And all eyes, craig, are upon me as I speak.

  • "ladies," I begin.

Schwartz, as I penetrate her wet--

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