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[phone rings] Hey…
Did you get to the Post Office yet? Yeah I did.
Uh, I did it this morning.
I, uh, I sent… I sent all that stuff.
-Totally took care of it! -Oh, okay, great!
-Well, thanks honey, you're the best. See you at home later. -See you soon! Argh…
With Self-Service Kiosks from the US Postal Service,
you can weigh packages,
print shipping labels
and even buy stamps.
They are conveniently located and available after hours at many locations.
[phone rings]
Hey, yeah, I'm on my way home right now.
Okay, bye.
Mail and ship quickly and easily with Self-Service Kiosks
From the US Postal Service.
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Self-Service Kiosks: Features

46238 Folder Collection
Loïc published on January 21, 2016    Loïc translated    Loïc reviewed
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