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  • Syria's military and ISIS may be sworn enemies

  • but instead of wiping each other off the battlefield they've been delicately

  • dancing around each other

  • up until now Assad and ISIS have been tactically avoiding each other

  • choosing instead to focus on eliminating the rebel opposition

  • ahead of a possible final showdown. It's a confrontation that's coming

  • and both sides know it. Assad and ISIS have yet to really collide

  • that's because they've seen the mutual benefit in crushing the rebel opposition

  • first

  • for Assad eliminating these rebel groups could secure his legitimacy

  • because that would leave the world with the choice between Assad or ISIS

  • this is also leave the US and its allies without any groups to support on the

  • ground

  • thus reducing the risk of possible military intervention against the regime

  • it's also a matter of priorities, ISIS is occupying areas that Assad's forces have

  • already largely withdrawn

  • mostly in northern Syria. The rebels on the other hand are fighting for Syria's

  • industrial and commercial cities

  • like Aleppo, Idlib, Homs, and Damascus

  • these cities are vital to the regime's security

  • ISIS on the other hand, they want to dominate the opposition

  • and incorporate them into their own movement - that's because eventually

  • ISIS is going to have to take on Assad's government - and they want the battlefield

  • clear of other potential competitors

  • ISIS does not view the rebels as natural allies

  • because they both have fundamentally different goals - the rebels main goal is

  • to remove Assad from power

  • and establish a new state and its place - ISIS on the other hand wants to

  • continue expanding to at least the Mediterranean

  • while consolidating its gains in defensive positions. They know if they

  • over stretch they'll be vulnerable to rebel counterattacks from the North

  • ISIS says "it wants Assad gone"

  • but if ISIS was really interested in fighting the regime

  • they would have gone to Aleppo a city besieged by Assad's forces

  • instead they chose to fight for Kobani - where there is no syrian army presence

  • these developments are nothing new to the rebels they've been squeezed between

  • the two for some time now

  • and groups that have cooperated with the US have had the most severe punishment

  • between furious strikes from Assad to remove any potential allies to the West

  • and Islamic factions trying to steal their equipment and money

  • have left some rebel groups

  • shadows of their former selves - Signs are emerging that the final showdown may

  • soon be approaching

  • in the past several weeks Assad's forces have been stepping up their attacks

  • against ISIS

  • this could be for a couple reasons First is for political reasons

  • Assad needs to boost his legitimacy in the face of a Western Coalition

  • battling ISIS would quell any rumors that the two are working together

  • and solidify a size larger than its him vs the terrorists

  • possibly the only choice I'd be in his favor second is for strategic reasons

  • Assad is exploiting the us-led war against I says

  • the regime things that now is the best time to attack I says

  • because they're distracted in Iraq and says the US is destroying them from the

  • air

  • a site has a chance to open up a two-front war against I sis

  • aside also hope this leads to some sort of military

  • coordination between him and the US which reduces the gym a scene

  • and finally a site has largely avoided I says because he wanted to let them fight

  • each other

  • and they have ices has weighed out rivals and its territory

  • and played a major role in breaking the Free Syrian Army know their roles coming

  • to an end

  • and the regime wants to dislodge ices from key positions before its

  • consolidated

  • such as a top by air base and a rock a province

  • ice is also knows a confrontation is coming

  • and has begun preparations we're seeing heavy equipment

  • tanks trucks artillery being moved from Iraq to Syria

  • the us-led airstrikes could also be prompted this

  • even also seeking cease-fires with rebels opposition forces

  • this could be in an effort to clear the battlefield and build coalitions

  • be realize the benefit of having partners after they were defeated at

  • kabbani

  • they're not going prepare for Assad and redirect those resources

  • the front lines are beginning to shift now that the Syrian army as close as

  • siege around a little

Syria's military and ISIS may be sworn enemies

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Battle for Syria - Assad vs ISIS

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