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  • you dead

  • It's for the paper.

  • To what do you owe your success?

  • I have a natural instinct for what makes a person tick.

  • Hannah.

  • Christian

  • Ow! Ew.

  • That hurts.

  • Ooh! Please, God! Ahh.

  • White girls! Get that elevator fixed!

  • Give me a smile!

  • OK... No smile.

  • Don't ever smile again.

  • So, how did he make your money?

  • I exercise control in all things myst-

  • You don't want somebody like me.

  • I don't do romance.

  • I need to know why you won't have a real relationship with me.

  • Let's just say my life wasn't always easy.

  • My step dad Ron is a little... over protective.

  • Are you thinking about marrying?

  • Noo!

  • What if she get pregnant?

  • Still, nah.

  • But "Hell nah!"

  • I like this bro!

  • I'm just a dominant.

  • Show me the worst.

  • Hee-yah!

  • Service!

  • Wooh!

  • Did you break my stool?

  • No.

  • We have to talk.

  • You mean like...(gasp) white people?

  • What's wrong with that?

  • When they start throwing around all these big SAT words.

  • I like it the black way.

  • Whatchu not gonna do...

  • Oh no... whatchu not gonna do.

  • Uh, uh, uh, ooh, ooh, ooh. (You're not about to...)

  • Don't get me into clappin' boo.

  • Oh, hell no.

  • See? That's communication.

you dead

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