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  • Hello and welcome to FT markets.

  • After a torrid start to the year, investors are starting to question the strength in the longevity of the European stock market.

  • We've had a bull run for several years now, but things are starting to look a little difficult.

  • To join us to discuss this today, we have Barry Norris, head of the Argonaut absolute return funds.

  • Thanks for joining us, Barry. Pleasure.

  • Now so you were back in 2009, so bullish about the market, that you took out a billboard ad, advertising how confident you were

  • Well, certainly in 2009 we felt it was a once-in-a-decade opportunity to invest in the asset class

  • That's been proven to be correct stop European stock markets have roughly doubled from that point,

  • but I think the main source of the return certainly since 2010 has been re-rating which is be very dependent on global liquidity.

  • But re-rating you mean sort of the price, the valuation which investors are prepared to put on stocks has gone up a lot rather than the underlying earnings.

  • Absolutely, so back in 2009, you can see the global economy was bottomed out.

  • Corporate profit margins were very very low and as a result we saw market earnings rebound by about 40 percent in 2010.

  • And we can see this in the chart here. Absolutely. So the blue columns show the valuation of the market; the red line we've got running across which has been flat for a long time.

  • That shows expectations for earnings in the year ahead at any moments. Absolutely.

  • And the evaluation is that green line. So what happens?

  • So 2010 40 percent rebounding in market earnings of the sea

  • regaining some of the aggregate level in 2007 before the down

  • but since 2010 we've seen the flat-lining corporate earnings in Europe, the mix has changed

  • So in the last two or three years we've seen the recovery in domestic Europe whilst those geared towards emerging markets commodities are seen a fall off earnings.

  • Nevertheless markets earnings as a whole flat-lining really for the last five years.

  • So we had a recovering stock prices but not really the underlying profits by the company. Absolutely.

  • Valuations have gone up but corporate profits haven't.

  • And certainly as an equity investors that makes me a little bit uneasy, I would rather invest in the market where profits are growing rather than just valuation is becoming more expensive.

  • And I think you've got another chart here, which shows sort of what type of investing has worked in the last few years.

  • Yeah absolutely so if we move to this graph here, which basically shows growth investing as an ideology versus value in that as an ideology.

  • So put crudely a growth manager will invest in high-quality companies, maybe they've got competitive advantages, strong balance sheet, good management etc.

  • A value manager will look for cheapness. Yes.

  • And so since the financial crisis, growth managers have significantly outperformed value managers.

  • We would argue that is because the market for corporate earnings has been so difficult.

  • The factors that growth managers always look for are high-quality companies, strong balance sheet, free cash flow high return on equity

  • have been rewarded more in this cycle down slightly in the previous cycle when they did very poorly

  • because it has been a such a difficult environment for corporate profits in general

  • and generally the more difficult the economic environment,

  • the more competitive advantage, and the more investing in high-quality companies is linked to the ability to generate profit growth.

  • So 7 years ago you were very bullish. Yeah.

  • Now is it a question that you just think value is going to come back into focus or are you negative on the outlook for the stock market as a whole.

  • I think the next six months at least they're gonna be very very tough.

  • This re-rating that we've seen equity has basically been correlated to bond yields coming down.

  • and it bond yields are no longer coming down because the liquidity is being withdrawn

  • then I think you won't get that re-rating in the equity market.

  • Thank you very much for joining us Barry.So it looks like a turbulent start to the year and some very difficult times lie ahead.

Hello and welcome to FT markets.

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