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I probably think some of our parents who like... grew up in Asia and then move over here.
They probably look it up sometimes and they see us as these.
What's going on everybody? Welcome to another special episode of Fung Bros Food.
Today, we are in the asian food Mecca of America, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Now, I'm just playing about our friend just moved here so you know we have to check out some asian spots.
Introducing our asian friend, Jeremy Lin.
No lie. This has been my first time having asian food in Charlotte ever.
I know you just moved in and you haven't really explored.
So we're about to check out this spot called "Taipei Express".
Yo Jeremy, I know you're on the NBA diet, but you want a cheat day?
Today is a cheat day, so I may explore a little bit. Maybe have some more carb than I normally have.
Let's see what is it all about!
Let's do it!
Hope they have xiao long bao.
He's gotta tell them that his parents are from Taiwan. That's very important!
Can we get the shacha shrimp?
Just cause that sounds good. Shacha!
I was trying get Jeremy to order but he's busy here taking pics. Alright!
I'm about to photo bombed.
Definitely got to get orange chicken.
You guys like eggplant? Yeah!
Can I get the pork dumplings, please?
Wo Hoo! And you know because we're in Charlotte. We had to do "American Chinese food".
We got ... on the boxes, man!
Jeremy, you were saying growing up... you and your family how to name for this?
My mom and dad will call it fake Chinese food. They get really upset if I go like panda express or some like that.
Hey, sometimes you gotta have some of that! Obviously we ate authentic food the majority of time.
Have you ever thought about bringing your teammates to like a really authentic Chinese restaurant?
I thought about it, but then I was like....Oh...I didn't call it one time.
It was like hit and miss.
You don't think that Kemba would like the stinky tofu, the chou doufu.
I don't even like chou doufu.
Everybody go around the table and talk about what caught your eye immediately.
I...fist of all...first of all...the chicken wings, authentic Chinese are not.
You gotta get a chicken wings.
Yeah! You like it, right?
Not bad!
I'll say for me first, and I...you have to get was the orange chicken.
Yup, yup! You always have to get like either orange chicken, sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken if you go on for American Chinese food.
I was always a lo mein guy over fried rice guy.
And I decided to go a little bit different.
You know, obviously during seasons so I don't want just eat crazy, so I got some tofu, eggplants.
Kind of compromise. You can be rational.
But if it's summer time and I don't... and I'm like really trying get after and I eat healthy, I don't know...
I know you got a veggie plate, but that is a pretty greasy veggie plate.
Of course, I got house special fried rice. Originally I was just getting chicken fried rice... yeah the shrimps.
Is Charlotte by the water? These shrimps are huge.
I feel like...Jeremy, a lot of people... like a lot of asian american still can get over the fact - this is not authentic Chinese food.
And because a lot... it's been used to make fun of lot of lie.
Oh yeah yeah! I know what Chinese food I eat. You know bla bla bla...
You get the fortune cookie at the end bla bla bla...
As young asian american, we got teased about it so much.
So we kind of push back on this food, but if you can just release yourself from that and just eat it. It's pretty good!
I've told my parents like... sometimes I just prefer this.
It's a different taste...you know... like authentic.... Obviously if I have to choose one for rest of my life everyday, I'll choose authentic.
But every once in while, it's okay to have this.
Like you say, it's actually really good if you wasn't like... you know labeled as "fake Chinese food". It would be really good.
You know what it is, man.
People are getting attached to the meaning... rather than the taste.
Yeah, that a great way to put it.
I probably think some of our parents who like... grew up in Asia and then move over here.
They probably look it up sometimes and they see us as these.
Some Chinese characteristcis but his Chinese is not that good so he's like panda express,
and because my Chinese is a little bit better, maybe I'll be like P.F. Chang's.
That's a thing, my teammates are like P.F. Chang's. Let's go to P.F. Chang's Chinese food.
But I'm like P.F. Chang is good! Don't get me wrong, but I might not take my parents to P.F. Chang's. That would be offensive to them.
Okay ,so, right now we're just gonna explain some of the dishes.
This is the sauteed green beans. This is called 四季豆.
I like how they... they've been stirred fried to the point where they're kind of dry.
That's when you know they're good.
Sometimes you get the joint. They are two like fresh and like water sauce.
You gotta get the wok hot.
This is orange chicken, the... I don't even know there's a word for this orange chicken.
Cause I...橙雞...but they don't even have them, I think it's a real dish.
Look at this sauce! The orange peel! Right in here!
I don't know how often I see that.
Must I say...the Taipei Express is delivering on the American Chinese food. This is A class.
No lie! I'm not just saying that for the camera! It is!
These are the eggplants in garlic sauce.
They actually did it pretty authentic in terms of a lot of places still have like a bottom layer drench in the sauce,
and then the upper layer won't be as much.
So depends on what's you're looking for - You want more flavor, a little more unhealthy. You go with the bottom;
You want keep it clean. Stay on the top.
One thing that I love about eggplants is gotta be pretty soft which these are, so this is a good dish!
You got tofu. Black bean sauce.
This is the in-season special, right? Yeah!
It's not deep fried. It's stirred fried tofu and one thing about it - is should like break really easily.
You're doing the break test right here.
Yeah, I mean it can be a little soft.
Black bean sauce is strong....it's good though. I like it!
I want to talk a real quickly about these shacha shrimps.
Have you guys had it yet? Tell the people really quickly about shacha as a sauce.
You know, sometimes it's a good sauce like hot pot or something like that.
But that was really good. I like that!
Maybe it's probably our fault, but this is a little too much broccoli in there! I mean a little more shrimps in there.
I never had shacha broccoli before in my life.
I am at an American Chinese spot in Charlotte, North Carolina and I'm eating Chinese food I've never had before.
So this is the mu gu gai pan. The water chestnut, the piece and that sliced carrots are staple of American Chinese food.
...you see in American Chinese food too...is a baby corn.
Shout out to baby corn, man.
Baby corn is more authentic than baby carrot.
Cause baby carrots are just shaved down into that shape.
My old perspective on carrots has been blown.
The worst is when the orange chicken and the sesame chicken tastes the same.
That one... that one... that one is all bad.
When it comes to fried rice, I'm gonna lie.
Any rice with chopsticks is like so frustrating.
Cause like this fried rice, it doesn't clump together. Yeah! It's all loose.
It's like hard to guard like you're trying to contain them.
With the first pick in 2015 NBA draft.
What was everybody's favorite thing?
For me, I actually gotta say it was the chicken wings.
That's a drive-through.
My favorite was that new dish, the shacha shrimps.
I think my favorite was a type between orange chicken and the tofu.
Just cause black bean sauce tofu is just like...
Oh no! It's hard to mess that up. It would be really good.
Oh! We cannot speak too soon!
These are handmade and house dumplings, alright!
So what this. They just came out. You could see the steam coming out.
So what I'll do is just bite a corner out and let the air out.
Authentic was gonna happened. You have all this juice inside so you have to make sure you bite the top and let it sip like that.
If you lean it, all the juice is coming run out.
Yup, we got the fried ones, too. There.
...balance that right on top.
That's authentic right there!
My takeaway from these, American Chinese food as a genre is progressing as the years go by.
It's not just staying stagnant. Progress! !t's like the game of basketball.
Stretch Fours.
This food, is does kind of represent a lot of them.
Yeah and it's also interesting that you guys talked about the evolution of this.
'Cause it is like, just as a whole society becoming more health-conscious.
Like, you see a lot of juice bar or things like that popping up.
And now I see this is the healthiest American Chinese food I've ever had.
Alright everybody. I think that wraps our Fung Bro Food episode in Charlotte, North Carolina with Jemery Lin.
Thank you so much for doing this man.
It was a pleasure to explore the asian option out here,
and introduce to you, you know what charlotte got.
I appreciate you guys! Let's do it again!
Alright you guys, thank you so much for watching the episode of Fung Bro's Food.
And remember for the 2015, 2016 season. Support the Charlotte Hornets. Buzz city.
Okay everybody. Thanks for watching that video.
Yo, Jeremy, you actually have a lot to say about this food.
I feel like it was kind of nostalgic.
Oh, it definitely was!
Thank you for watching!
Below us is a big broccoli, but below that, is a comment section.
So leave a comment. Tell us what you think about this food.
And tell us what other food you want us to try and where?
And definitely I could tell that you were reading the differences between the orange chicken and the sesame chicken. Like it was a defense.
Alright you guys. Watch this video, watch that video, check out Jeremy's social media below and until next time we out.
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FUNG BROS FOOD: Americanized Chinese Food w/ JEREMY LIN

39904 Folder Collection
Loïc published on January 23, 2016    Loïc translated    Ruby Lu reviewed
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