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  • So in the Force Awakens we all know that Kylo Ren

  • is obsessed with his grandfather, Darth Vader.

  • And we see him speaking to Vader's burnt up mask.

  • But how did he come into possession of it in the first place?

  • The short story Perfect Weapon may provide us with some answers.

  • That story focuses on Bazine Natal, who you might recognize as the First Order agent that turns in our heroes at Maz Kanata's fortress.

  • In the story Bazine is hired by a mysterious figure to retrieve a specific package.

  • It is very Mission Impossible. She gets the mission from a droid with a recording that then self-destructs after delivering it.

  • So, her job takes her to this old, run-down, psychiatric institute that used to be the home for a bunch of retired Storm Troopers

  • who are long since dead by the time she gets there.

  • She finds the package in the room of former Storm Trooper Captain named Jor Tribulus.

  • and we know that he was a Captain at the Battle of Endor.

  • So she retrieves the package and delivers it to her mysterious client.

  • Now

  • I believe, even though we don't get to see what's inside the package, it is very Pulp Fiction that way.

  • I believe that that package was Darth Vader's helmet because since we know that Tribulus was at Endor during the destruction of the second Death Star

  • I think that after the battle he stumbled upon Darth Vader's funeral pyre and decided to keep himself a little souvenir.

  • So then he keeps the helmet through all of these years until Bazine retrieves it and gives it to her client.

  • Who I assume is Kylo Ren.

  • Now of course all of this is just speculation, but its very heavily implied.

  • Perfect Weapon was a part of the journey to The Force Awakens story line

  • and I really love the way they did that.

  • That they answer some of these smaller questions we have about The Force Awakens by dropping hints in these other little stories.

  • I really hope they continue to do that for Episodes VIII and IX, and even the spin-off movies.

  • I really think its fun picking apart these little hints and piecing them together to make the full story.

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  • As always, thank you for watching and may the Force be with you!


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