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Hi guys! Let me show you how to de-vein a prawn. It's really simple
but you gotta know what you're doing
So with the peeled prawn go to the top, the fattest part
Then go to the middle like that and just drag your knife down the length of the prawn
doing nothing silly with your body weight or putting too much pressure on the knife
and as soon as we've exposed that little bit here, right?
we can see the vein here
we're simply gonna pull it out like that and it will all come out nice and easy
then we've got a de-veined prawn
Now, this is good, but also you can just take your knife again and do a second pass down the prawn
and this will "butterfly" the prawn
why would you want that?
because then immediately you're able to cook it quicker
and you're able to marinate it and impart beautiful flavours from any country around the world
and that's a beautiful, beautiful thing
really useful in good ways to remove the vein from your prawn and "butterfly" it
If you liked that tip then you'll probably like more
Click the link and I've done loads
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How To De-vein a Prawn | Jamie’s 1 Minute Tips

748 Folder Collection
Stacy Kuo published on January 8, 2016
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