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♪ (French music) ♪
- (Finebros) Today you'll be eating this.
- What?
- Okay. What is this?
- Ugh, it looks like a bunch of guts!
- It looks like noodles. But at the same time,
it looks like onions.
- You are feeding me worms. What have I ever done to you?
- Looks like a seafood actually.
- (nasally) Oh! Oh!
Oh my gosh, it smells like stinky socks.
- Oh yeah, it smells like spit.
- (gags a little, coughs)
I'm so scared.
- What is this?!
- (Finebros) Here is a fork. It's time to taste it.
- (sighs) You guys.
- I'm not eating that.
- Oh my gosh, I'm already gonna barf.
- Close your nose. Close your eyes.
I need water.
(coughing in disgust)
Oh! That's nasty.
- Ew.
It's too big and it was so salty.
- Ugh. God.
You can smell it in your mouth.
- Three, two, one.
That tastes like seaweed.
Definitely from the ocean.
- (coughing)
- (coughs, spits)
- (gags)
No. No, I'm not. I'm not.
- I'm speechless. It tastes disgusting.
(pants) I think out of all the Kids vs. Foods I've done,
this is the most disgusting.
- Salty! Like, way too salty!
- It tasted rancid.
- It tastes like barf, actually.
Like, you know, after you throw up
and then you have that aftertaste.
- I don't know who would want to eat this.
Like, what kind of food is this?
- (Finebros) We're gonna give you some hints
to help you figure it out. - So you're not just gonna tell me?
- (Finebros) SpongeBob loves them.
You can find them washed up on a beach.
And you better be careful, 'cause they might sting you.
Do you know what it is? - This is jellyfish?
- Jellyfish?
- No! No! Nooo!
I think... no-ho-ho-ho!
- This is jellyfish?
- (Finebros) It's jellyfish. - It's that salty?
- I don't know who would like eating this. But if they do,
you gotta get a new tongue or something
or get your taste buds checked, because this-- ugh.
- I'm not really disgusted.
It's a seafood, I guess.
- (Finebros) Jellyfish is considered
a delicacy in many Asian countries.
And in Japan, they love jellyfish so much
they even made it a flavor of ice cream.
- Um, okay.
- I'm never going to Japan.
- Why in the world would they put something so good
and so bad together?
- I hate this, and "hate"'s a strong word.
- (Finebros) Last question:
do you recommend that people try jellyfish?
- I do not recommend it.
- No, do not try it.
If you want to barf, go ahead.
- I say no 'cause it's too salty.
- I don't think you should try it. You're not gonna like it.
- Never in a million years.
- I would not recommend anybody to eat this
disgusting evil thing!
- No!!!
Do you like things that have 1,000 pounds of salt on them?
I don't think so.
- No.
May you guys say in the comments why--
like, what you guys do to the jellyfish to make it good?
Because I want to try it when it's actually good.
Thank you.
- Thanks for watching this episode of Kids vs. Food
on the React channel.
- Don't forget to subscribe.
We have tons of new shows for you every week.
- What food should we eat next? Tell us in the comments.
- Bye!
- Bye, guys! I gotta swim on outta here.
♪ (French music) ♪
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38013 Folder Collection
Jack Lu published on January 14, 2016    Jack Lu translated    Ruby Lu reviewed
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