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  • Hi, this is JR. I'm a radio host, and I love music.

  • But what I love about music the most is the lyrics 'cos the lyrics are the soul to a song.

  • So in this unit I would like to call 'Positive Tunes' I'm gonna introduce you to some positive tunes that I like a lot..

  • No sappy love songs, no crying sad songs. Only positive, uplifting hits.

  • So the band I wanna introduce you to today is 'Lifehouse'.

  • So the song I wanna introduce you to today is called 'Take Me Away'. It was written after September.11th. And it came out in their album in 2003.

  • Their vocalist - Jason Wade,

  • "This is a spiritual song I wrote after September.11th. It's a love song, it's about wanting to escape from the condition of the world right now."

  • So I'm gonna sing it for you right now. And later on I'll teach you the English within it. So here it goes.

  • And those are just some parts of the lyrics that you might feel curious about.

  • And I hope you benefited from the show today.

  • And that's about it for today. I hope you liked the song, it's called 'Take Me Away' by Lifehouse. You can look it up on YouTube by the way.

  • Do get their album in stores. They have released their new album this year. And do remember to subscribe to our channel.

  • It's JR Lee Radio. J-R-L-E-E Radio. I'll see you next time.

Hi, this is JR. I'm a radio host, and I love music.

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