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- I feel like this is almost like a...
A woman's bulletproof vest. (laughs)
(upbeat drums music)
- I have heard of waist training,
but mostly just on the internet.
- In Instagram, I follow a few of the Kardashians.
- I think women have always wanted
to get that like, Coke bottle physique.
- I don't think waist training would be
that popular if the in body type
right now wasn't an hourglass figure.
- I think the message that Kim K and all those other
people that love to wear waist trainers are sending
is that this the ideal body type or this is the body
type that a woman should strive to have.
- It's talked about so casually, and then when you
think about it, it's something to take super seriously,
and make sure you're doing it the right way.
- Mmm.
- It's actually kind of heavy.
- I could see it affecting my breathing, though.
This is like, tighter than SPANX.
- Am I supposed to be able to do all of
those clasps by myself every day? (laughs)
- I'm ready to get my Kim K on.
Figure out what a day in the life of Kim Kardashian is like.
(electronic music)
- Remember that it's basically
encasing your abdomen in a vice.
So if it's too tight, it could put pressure on your liver
and spleen, on your stomach, and your intestines.
Especially when you've eaten, that could cause
belching, it could cause reflux, and pushing acid
into your esophagus, which can cause damage eventually.
Do not wear it for more than one or two hours at a time.
Do not wear your waist trainer if you're
doing heavy, strenuous exercise.
And remember, it's not going to permanently
alter the look of your waist, and it's not
going to help you shed pounds.
(techno music)
- It's bright pink.
Why is it so bright?
- So I got it on.
Literally had to put my hair up, I'm sweating so bad.
So here we are.
- Day one, so I have it as loose as it can go right now.
And I'll probably just keep it on for an hour
while I clean the house, vacuuming and stuff.
- I think exercising in this would be interesting.
'Cause even just walking, sometimes, like just having
my heart rate up a little bit, it's just like (whines).
It's not uncomfortable.
It's just a really weird feeling of being so sucked in.
- I definitely have to sit with perfect posture.
Breathing is a little bit more difficult.
It kinda makes me wanna burp.
- Not sure if there's been any
changes or anything in my waist.
It's getting a little easier to wear this thing.
- Mostly getting very frustrated that
I can't sit comfortably or lounge.
- Y'all, my bellybutton itched earlier, and a
(bleep) did not know what the (bleep) to do.
Tryin' to get underneath all of
these hooks and whistles is crazy!
- Since the packaging says this is ideal
for exercise or some bullshit like that,
I am gonna try and do some movement, I guess.
Okay, so I just did like maybe 30 seconds
of very light working out, and I
just wanted to throw up the whole time.
- It's not really inhibiting me from eating in any way.
I just feel like I have a girdle on perpetually.
- You know, I was never able
to get it on the very last hook.
I feel like it would take me a while
to work up to that last hook,.
And I don't really know if I'd wanna get there.
After a week of wearing the waist trainer,
I actually lost an inch and a half on my waist.
But I do think that's because I was being
a lot more active while I was wearing it.
- There was a slight change in my waist size.
I'm also doing another video where I'm trying
Cardio Barre, and I feel like that had more
to do with my waist change than this thing.
- No, the waist trainer did not change the size of my waist.
- The waist trainer's definitely a little tricky to get on.
- It didn't hurt to be in it.
It didn't feel like it was pushing my
organs together or anything like that.
- But when I was wearing it, it didn't
allow me to take deep, proper breaths.
- I did salsa dancing in it, and it wasn't
as hard or difficult as I thought it would be.
I could tell that it was helping with my posture.
- I do not see how the Kardashians or Blac Chyna
can get the bodies that they have solely from wearing this.
- I think there are probably better and healthier
ways to achieve the look you want to achieve.
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Girls Try To Get Kim Kardashian's Waist

542 Folder Collection
Bin Jiang published on December 31, 2015
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